The Bubble Film has finally dropped! The crew has finished their Global Premieres which were an insane experience. Getting the local kiteboarding communities together and meeting people was a lot better than counting views.  They’re hyped on the response and couldn’t have imagined it any better. The video isn’t going on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook… it’s only available on their website: “Some people think we’re crazy missing out on all those views, likes and shares but we’re not trying to go viral or get famous.” Says Craig Cunningam. “We just want to give people something with more heart and time put in to it… Something that would hopefully inspire others the same way the classics inspired us. Something people would watch more than once. And a year later, here we are.”

If you want it great, it’s easily accessible and you can have the file to share with your friends and keep forever! Head over to to download the film for free!

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