With new revolutionary neoprene introduced into their 2018 wetsuit line along with the launch of Adaptive Shell Series harness tech, NPSurf’s deep line of windsport-specific products offers riders many styles and options to fit their individual needs and budgets. NP’s Brent Beringhaus walks us through the highlights of what NP has rolled out for 2018.


The two new harnesses are the Atom and the Proton. The Atom in the lightest and most supportive of the two; it is also the first integrated carbon polymer shell harness. This combination of unique material creates a very light and supportive harness all while being flexible in all the right areas to provide freedom of movement. The Proton is the most flexible of the hard shell harnesses, almost being a hybrid; instead of carbon or plastic, we used a Surlyn material that is very lightweight and flexible. This material also adapts to the shape of your back over time, meaning the more you kite the better the harness will fit.     NP HAS SWITCHED OVER TO A NEW LIMESTONE ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL FOR ITS ENTIRE 2018 WETSUIT LINE. HOW WOULD YOU STEER RIDERS WHEN THEY’RE TRYING TO CHOOSE BETWEEN NP’S MISSION AND RISE WETSUIT RANGE?           

The Yamamoto neoprene we are using is truly revolutionary. The neoprene has a unique cell structure with 23% higher closed cell ratio for added buoyancy and flexibility. These cells are more evenly spaced and filled with nitrogen gas that greatly increases heat retention. In addition to being warmer and substantially stretchier, it is also extracted in a much cleaner environmentally-friendly process which is why we us it in all our wetsuits. The main difference between the Mission and Rise are that the Mission is more feature rich, flexible and has a biocermaic-lining and Dri-flex waffle jersey whereas the Rise is your ticket to warm, affordable performance which still features Apex-flex Yamamoto neoprene.       CONSUMER INTEREST IN IMPACT VESTS HAS INCREASED WITH THE GROWTH OF FOILBOARDING. WHAT MAKES THE NP HIGH HOOK IMPACT VESTS STANDOUT FROM ITS COMPETITORS?

Our High Hook Impacts are unique due to the attention to detail put into the design. They were designed with kiteboarding in mind with a spot to put your harness hook through and the duraflex neoprene keeps it in place and your core warm. They also have segmented foam in just the right areas to lessen the impact from crashes and add extra floatation.       NEOPRENE TOPS OFFER EXTRA WARMTH AND PROTECTION AND CAN SOMETIMES REPLACE THE NEED FOR AN ADDITIONAL WETSUIT. HOW SHOULD A RIDER CHOOSE BETWEEN NP’S EDGE, MISSION AND RISE NEO TOPS?     

Well they should choose based on what they want to use it for and how cold it may be. Edge Armor skin tops are the lightest weight and being only.3mm, will not keep you super warm, but are perfect for those cooler breezy days as the armor skin does a great job protecting you from the wind. Then the Rise is warmer as it’s a 2/1mm top with the chest being 2m and the arms being 1m. This top is perfect for a breezy day when you won’t be going in the water much. The warmest is the Mission which is a smooth skin top that kills the wind chill and is water repellent. It also has a reinforced waistline to keep your harness in place.      FOR 2018, NP IS ROLLING OUT A NEW LINE OF BAGS. WHAT’S BEING OFFERING IN THE NEW LINE? 

Our golf bags are airline friendly and resemble a golf travel bag to help with airline travel. Available in three sizes 140×45, 150×48 and 165×50, we added more foam padding so it now has 8mm of foam protection, a new rustproof zipper, and the bag comes with an integrated tool pocket and extra thick neoprene handles.


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