Barely 10 miles separate the islands of Corsica and Sardina and visitors are often torn between which island to visit. One is French while the other is Italian but the differences don’t end there. Compared to most Mediterranean islands, both Corsica and Sardinia are very unspoiled, but it’s not for nothing that Corsica is known as the Island of Beauty. It’s home to a wild coastline, mountainous national parks, pine forests, fishing villages and ancient walled towns such as Calvi. Beaches are what Sardinia does best—it has more, a welcoming Italian feel and attracts more of the yacht crowd with rooms going for $2000 or more at some places during peak season. There are many remote kitesurfing spots around Sardinia and Corsica that are only accessible by yacht; with crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, great wind and sheltered anchorages. In a small spot in a bay in the windiest place in north of Sardinia you will find Porto Pollo. One part of the beach is allocated for windsurfers and the big bay is where we kitesurf. The kitesurfing beach is massive with plenty of space. In the south of Sardinia, around Sant’Antioco there are a few flat water spots to visit within a 20-30 minute drive such as Punta Tetto, Porto Botte and Sating Di Cirdu. Or if you prefer wave spots, head to Porto Pino and Chia. The west side of Corsica offers the riding areas of Roccapina, Figari or Ventilègne. Each of these spots can work better in different wind directions. Another stunning, dead flat spot can be found on the southeast tip of Corsica. Ile de Piana is only accessible by boat and can be a little bit crowded with yachts during the weekends but is definitely worth a visit.

CLOSEST AIRPORT: Olbia (OLB) is in Sardinia.

DISTANCE TO LOCATION: Five minutes to the dock and you are exploring the islands by boat!

TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: Taxi, bus or car rental are all viable options.

BEST SEASON: May to September.

WIND RANGE IN KNOTS: Both islands have a variety of locations with winds ranging anywhere from 15 to 40 knots.


LOCAL RULES/SAFETY HAZARDS: Some spots are reserved for windsurfers and some southern Sardinia spots have kiting fees.

LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: While you can obviously explore both locations by land and car, why not explore by boat? The summer months are the busiest on most European beaches and can get exceptionally crowded. On a boat, you will have your own private space on the water and ride the best spots for the conditions of the day. The Rider Experience offers a 7 day/6 night boat trip starting at just $1250/pp.

A plethora of shops/schools can be found at both locations. A quick Google search will pull up multiple pages for you to choose from.

LOCAL WEATHER/AREA RESOURCES: (video showing Corsica) (Sardinia versus Corsica)

THE ONE THING EVERY VISITOR MUST DO: When you are in Corsica a visit to Bonifacio is a must. Stroll in the Marina, explore the castle and walk along the cliffs.

Words by Brendan Rider | Photos by The Rider Experience

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