1) It’s social

Kiteboarders travel around the world for good winds and safe places to kiteboard. Women’s kite camps attract adventurous women from around the world. So you don’t have to worry about talking your friends into learning to kite because you will have a group of women to enjoy your trip with. An additional bonus is if you keep in touch after your kite camp experience you can travel to visit each other’s home kite spots.

2) It’s less expensive

Group lessons are always less expensive. It’s nice to spend less on lessons and spend a bit more on your kite gear. During a three day kite camp you will be given skills to practice on your own with a partner. You will be familiar with beach and have a safe procedure for getting in and out of the water. Even if you go out and just practice body dragging after your lessons it will help you feel more confident when/if you choose to take more lessons after the camp is over.

3) It gives you a realistic baseline

Oftentimes couples try to learn together but for some reason the men have often already taken lessons but choose to learn with their partners. This creates an unrealistic base to compare to. Learning with a group of beginners and other women you will feel less pressure: Progress at your own speed. You set the pace. Plus, the group always seems to give extra encouragement. If you feel anxious or scared you will receive plenty of encouragement. It also helps to surround yourself with people who are reaching for the same goal.

4) It allows you to learn from each other

Group lessons can give you extra encouragement to go for it. You can learn a lot by watching someone else learn. Learn from each other’s mistakes, achieve the same accomplishments and be there to support each other. It helps speed up your learning process!

5) It gives you a group of practice buddies

After the lessons you will have a group of people who are probably at or close to the same level as you are. Keep each other accountable to keep practicing after the lessons. If you can, practice together by making kite dates and help each other stick to it. Until you are both totally confident kiters, Girl On A Board recommends having one person in the water while the other walks the beach to keep an on eye on you, help you to land your kite, and then switch roles.

For more info and to book a women’s kite camp visit: https://girlonaboard.org/

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