Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean situated east of Madagascar. The population is a great mix between Indian, African and European roots. They are the most welcoming people I’ve met and there is so much to discover here from food and wildlife to religion, culture and landscapes.

The best place to kitesurf and SUP in Mauritius is Le Morne. This area combines the trade winds with consistent swells and delivers perfect side to side-off kitesurfing conditions at the legendary waves of One Eye and Manawa. It can get crowded in the good season but you can always find a place to yourself in the huge transparent lagoon.

CLOSEST AIRPORT: Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport (MRU)

DISTANCE TO LOCATION: 1 hour, 12minutes; 35 miles

TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: Book a taxi from your hotel to get a better price and a not-so-fast-and-furious driver!

BEST SEASON: July to November

WIND RANGE IN KNOTS: 20-30 knots. Trade winds are getting stronger once arriving at the tip of the island, so expect more than what’s forecasted.


LOCAL RULES /SAFETY HAZARDS: One Eye’s reef is pretty aggressive and shallow and there are some reef rocks in the lagoon but the most dangerous thing out there is the current. Learn how it works before going out; the main pass works like a river and you don’t want to be out at sunset with tangled lines. Don’t kite after 6p as the wind usually dies and the safety boat has already finished for the day.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: You won’t really need a car once in Le Morne as the spots are in front of your room. But if you have a day without wind, it’s possible to rent a car directly in Le Morne or to take a daily excursion to nearby activities with a local agency.

AVG COST OF TRANSPORTATION RECOMMENDATION PER RIDE OR PER DAY: The Airport to Le Morne ride should cost about $22. If you want a rental car, the best agency is

LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: If you’re looking for cheap lodging, stay in La Gaulette which is a small village near Le Morne. You will have to take a ride to the beach (12min – 6 miles) every day, but you can get rates as cheap as $53/night.

Lodging in Le Morne is quite expensive as it is a luxury destination. We always stay at the Riu Creole because it is a great hotel and also the most convenient; your room is 65 feet away from the spot and depending on its location, you might even be able to leave your gear outside of it (even kite inflated!) with no issues.

On the west side of Le Morne you will find fancy hotels like Lux, St Regis and Dinarobin. The expensive hotels settled on this side because Le Morne is hiding them from the wind and so it is more appreciable to stay on the beach for a regular tourist there. By the way it also makes it a perfect lagoon for SUPing around! Prices start from around $250/night to very expensive!

LOCAL SHOPS/SCHOOLS: There are many kite schools/shops in Mauritius. A good resource to start with is


THE ONE THING EVERY VISITOR MUST DO: Hike Le Morne. The view’s fantastic.

WHY JULIEN RECOMMENDS LE MORNE: “Mauritius is a perfect wave destination for all levels of riders looking for swell and wind. The experts ride One Eye, the intermediates go to Manawa, and the beginners get started at Little Reef. One can go cruising upwind in the beautiful lagoon, admire the landscape, and then head back to the beach for beers. It’s almost like a ski resort: You have green, blue, and black slopes and you choose what you want depending on your level. Mauritius is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever experienced. It really is something magical and you can feel it once you’re there.”

Words by Julien Salles // Photos by Gilles Calvet

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