Watch as the guys at North Kiteboarding Academy show you how to do a Strapless Board off 360. The” flat 3” is challenging unhooked move and only for advanced riders. Try to fly your kite rather low through the whole move. After takeoff initiate the rotation with your head and front hand. For the first part of the rotation your back foot pushes the tail forward – your front knee remains bent. In the second part of the rotation your front foot pushes the nose around until you land on a downwind course. During the first half of the move pull the bar aggressively to your front hip. This will give the kite some slack and make the pass easier. Rotate your bar 180 degrees while passing it. When your body and board have rotated half way pass the bar to the other hand. Let´s remember the key elements: Keep your kite low through the whole move Pull the bar aggressively to your front hip push the tail forward with the back foot through the first 180 degrees push the nose around with your front foot through the last 180 degrees try to keep your knees bent most of the time

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