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With lighter than expected conditions at the start of the kite foiling portion of the Extreme Sailing SeriesTM, the 15 international kiteboarders who took to San Diego Bay had their work cut out for them. With the strong current and wind shadow over their launch zone kiteboarders were forced to be creative in launching their kites, but once on the water, they were able to find pockets of wind and start the first races of the day.

By the time all the riders had arrived at the starting line located in front of the Race Village, a steady breeze gave riders all they needed to put on a foiling spectacle for the crowds on hand. 17-year-old Slovenian Toni Vodisek was on point and found the right lines to squeak out the day’s win over Frenchman Julien Kernuer. Oliver Bridge rounded off the top three and was able to fend off Axel Mazella and Florian Gruber. The forecast over the next three days looks to be very promising and should elevate the overall level of racing to another level.

Extreme San Diego Kiteboarding Invitational Day 1 Leader Board

1st Tony Vodisek (SLO) 1 point.

2nd Julien Kernuer (FRA) 2 points.

3rd Oliver Bridge (GBR) 3 points.

4th Axel Mazella (FRA) 4 points.

5th Florian Gruber (GER) 5 points.

6th Joey Pasquali (USA) 6 points.

7th Riley Gibbs 7 points.

8th Nico Landaur (URU) 8 points.

9th Kai Calder (USA) 9 points.

10th Will Cyr (USA) 16 points.

11th Stefaans Viljoen (RSA) 16 points.

12th Johnny Heineken (USA) 16 points.

13th Bryan Lake (USA) 16 points.

14th Daniela Moroz (USA) 16 points.

15th Ty Reed (USA) 16 points.