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If you want to freshen up your bucket list with an unspoiled destination, make sure you add Dakhla to your list. Tranquility and simplicity””these are the words that perfectly describe this place. Far from busy streets and crowded beaches, you can enjoy the comforts of a relaxing beach holiday, explore local life and culture and get the best of both worlds kiting butter flat lagoons or waves. Dakhla is a city located on a 31-mile long, narrow peninsula of the Atlantic Coast, where on one side you can find a flat water lagoon and on the other side some world class waves. It’s around 621 miles south of Marrakesh and is becoming one of the top watersports destinations in the world. Kite with flamingos and dolphins in the lagoon or play in the waves at one of the four nearby surf spots. Our favorite spot is Foumbouir which is one of the best places to surf in the world and is famous for hosting world surfing and kitesurfing championships. Come experience Dakhla’s wind, lagoon, waves, ancient culture and remoteness. For those who want to experience something completely different, this is the place!



TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: Shuttle service is free from Dakhla Attitude and most hotels.

BEST SEASON: It genuinely blows all year long (check our wind stats!) but April to October is the peak season.

WIND RANGE: 15 to 30 knots


LOCAL RULES/SAFETY HAZARDS: The resort is directly at the spot and is super safe. If you’re not staying at one of the resorts, you should get a rescue voucher.

LOCAL TRANSPORTATION:  You won’t need a car if you stay at one of the resorts directly on the water as the kiting action is just outside your door.

AVG COST OF TRANSPORT RECOMMENDATION: There is daily transportation from town but it’s not super convenient, nor are there many taxis.LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: Dakhla Attitude is the biggest kitesurfing center in Dakhla that offers two camps comprising three types of accommodation and all kinds of amenities like a spa and cable park, so guests can enjoy spending all day at the beach and ride. Guests can rent the latest and best kitesurf, windsurf, surf and SUP gear or to take kitesurfing lessons for all levels and excursions to the best spots all over the area. Our rates vary from $75/night including all meals and amenties to $300+/night. If you want to stay by the waves, Westpoint Dakhla is a two minute walk to the spot. Westpoint consists of 40 spacious cottages with each having a mezzanine with two floors offering fantastic views of the green-blue Moroccan ocean. Rates start from $105/night with each cottage accommodating up to four guests. Other lodging options can be found at www.dakhlakitesurfhotels.com



THE ONE THING EVERY VISITOR MUST DO: Downwind to the White Dune and jump off it!

WHY LILLI RECOMMENDS DAKHLA: “Dakhla has a mystical natural flair””maybe the best wind and water conditions in the world are waiting here for you! When you kite along the lagoon you will feel like you’re in paradise. It’s hard to believe this kiteboarding oasis of flat water and waves exists in the Sahara desert and that it blows like clockwork nearly every day here but it does!”

Words by Lilli Linsenmeyer // Photos by Dakhla Attitude

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