Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12m
High Wind Test Sizes: 5, 7m

Ozone Says:

The Reo V4 is highly advanced in design, yet simple to use 4-line pulley-less bridle system is a standout favorite of riders around the world – with no pulleys you have a direct feeling from the kite, it’s an extension of your body. Smooth progressive canopy luff means the Reo V4 maintains positive bar pressure and handling throughout the de-power range, making it very reactive at all angles of attack.

The relatively low aspect design combined with instant handling generates consistent power to maintain momentum on a wave, combined with the ability to then completely drop the kites power to carve turns or snap in the pocket makes it unique. Finely tuned profiles and panel shaping offer unmatched drifting characteristics. The Reo V4 is constructed with quality proven Teijin D2 canopy material and Teijin Dacron. It is designed and built tough without the need of unnecessary cosmetic items that only add weight along with drag which reduce performance.

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TKB Says:

When we are testing kites these days we frequently get the question, which one is the best, and the canned answer usually goes something like, “these days most of the kites are great, just along different criteria.” The Reo is one of those kites that scores well against a broad range of criteria and makes it easy or hard to choose just one, depending on how you look at it. The Reo is 3-strut medium aspect SLE kite with slight pullback in the wingtips. Featuring a single setting front bridle with no pulleys, the Reo offers two settings on the wingtip for adjusting turning speed and bar pressure. For line connections the Reo features a knot on the front bridle pigtail and loops on the wingtip pigtails. The Reo uses a large diameter Boston valve that requires the larger nozzle of the standard pump attachments (editorial note: standardization beats hunting the beach for the missing proprietary nozzle), and like many of the smaller kites in the test, this kite pumps up real quick. The Reo features a nice crisp steering response bundled with light to medium bar pressure that feels both highly responsive yet comfortable on your forearms after a long session. The Reo in the smaller sizes has a tight turning arc which is fairly fast but stays within the bounds of easy to control and predictable, while also generating good reliable power through the turns. We had to adjust to the Reo, at first the testing team felt like there was slack on the backlines even when the kite was sheeted in, perhaps a function of the lighter bar pressure design, yet it created plenty of power within its range and was incredibly resistant to oversheeting, which is not true of most small kites. The Reo offers tons of depower on the outer end of its bar throw and it felt as if the kite delivers much of its low-end grunt in the final couple inches of sheeting the bar in. Overall, this kite earned high marks across the board and the team would recommend it as a great surf and freeride option for riders across all levels.

The Reo comes with the Contact Water Control System, a fixed length bar (38cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm) that features a single center-line safety depower, PU covered center throw line, low-V, center lines that end in a loop rather than a knot, stainless steel cam cleat for tuning power, with a bungee built into the tuning slack and a magnet for the toggle to keep it from tangling in depowered situations. The length of throw is non-adjustable, and the outside lines are non-tunable, but the bar ends are soft with integrated floats. TKB-FREERIDE-2017-OZONE-BAR-2816The push away quick release features a below the bar hand swivel and a release shield, and while the release is clean it is a two handed process to reset the quick release on the water. The team liked the CWC for its comfort with a slightly bigger diameter and plush grip, easy and always functional power tuning system and solid mix of useful features in a nice, medium weight control bar.

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