Sizes Available: 6, 8, 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 6, 8m

JN Kites Says:

The 6th generation of the Wild Thing provides an even faster turning, strong static pull, powerful lift and enhanced low wind performance. The Wild Thing benefits from the rich innovative features from JN, like Perfect Round Arc Shape combined with the best materials available to the industry.

To answer the low wind requirements with a performance model there are the sizes: 12 and 14. Easy four line bridle kite with “Virtual 5th Line” offers the benefits of a fast responding performance weapon when you need it. With Wild Thing expect a sportive, fast turning, well balanced modern 4 with optional 5 line kite concept serving classic freestyle or freeride/wave.

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TKB Says:

The JN Wildthing Revival is a 5-strut medium to high aspect c-shaped kite that delivers a powerhouse of load and pop in a fast flying air frame. Featuring a single setting front bridle with no pulley, the Wild Thing offers three wingtip settings for adjusting bar feedback and speed. The Wild Thing uses a bayonet style inflation valve that requires no nozzle on the end of your pump hose for a quick and easy pump up. The flying line connections feature a knot on the front bridle pigtails and the wingtip pigtail ends in a loop. You can fly this kite in a 5-line configuration or you can fly it in 4-line mode as how we tested this kite. The Wild Thing combines surprisingly light to medium bar pressure and offers a very dependable steering response with a larger turning arc that generates a fair amount of power through the turn. The Wild Thing is best at home while moving across the window and builds a ton of explosive boosting power. The sheeting action on the bar goes from full power to full depower in a relatively short distance and the Wild Thing power delivery has an on/off feel that has that load, pop and slack feel that you want for new school freestyle. When it comes to the surf, this kind of kite isn’t your drift down the line kite, rather it’s the kite you want to fly aggressively across the window in the waves. The testing team remarked on how this kite feels extremely efficient through the window with its smaller leading edge that tends to fly fairly forward in the window. The Wild Thing scored solid marks for a great blend of performance and ease of use, while really finding its niche in the freestyle arena with explosive pop and a fair amount of hang time, even in the smaller sized canopies of this test.

The Masters Craft Bar is a fixed length bar that features a unique push away quick release, with a one piece loop that separates from the quick release body above the loop, so the chicken loop stays with your harness hook and the quick release leaves with the bar. This swivel-less bar features a single center line depower that ensures a solid flag, with a high-V split to the kite’s leading edge bridle and a Clam cleat for adjusting the power. The center lines end in loops while the outside lines end in knots with clear labels that help you choose settings while rigging the kite. The Masters Craft uses a PVC covered throw line for durability and the bar floats are separated from the bar and can easily be pushed up to adjust the length of the outside lines. The bar ends have substantial room for winding the lines at the end of a session and bungees to ensure it doesn’t come undone in the back of your car. With a medium density EVA grip with a fairly aggressive pattern this bar won’t slip out of your hands during the heavier moments. Overall, the Masters Craft bar features a number of solid adjustment options in a simple, fairly lightweight package.

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