Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 17m
High Wind Test Sizes: 5, 7m

F-One Says:

The tenth edition of the BANDIT keeps all its qualities but become even easier and more comfortable to fly while still focusing on our core values: the feeling and the enjoyment brought by the kite. To make sure each session is enjoyed whatever the conditions and to make sure you keep improving your riding and enhance your passion and motivation. Our key focus is on traction and speed, powerful enough to achieve early planing, the kite seems to self-regulate naturally to pull you effortlessly. We have gotten rid of the lateral pull so that you can ride with less pressure on your back and in your legs.

You will also notice a change in the wingtip shape, the BANDIT X is slightly wider and squarer. This brings more maneuverability and a lighter feel. Each size feels a little smaller and more responsive while remaining very intuitive. It’s hang-time, boost and lift during the jumps have also been improved, along with the progressiveness of the bar pressure as you sheet in. The BANDIT X is an exceptionally thrilling device and our motivation to improve it year after year is limitless. It is not the latest, marketing based, trendy kite with fancy but useless accessories. It remains pure/untouched/authentic and the fruit of our passion for kitesurfing and R&D.

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TKB Says:

The Bandit is a jackrabbit powerhouse that offers the rider a sense of precision flying and quick and nimble performance. The Bandit is a 3-strut Delta shape SLE with swept back wingtips with a medium aspect canopy that F-one markets as an all-around model that excels across freeride, surf and freestyle. The Bandit still comes with a narrow diameter 9mm inflation with internal stopper ball and the 11m dump valve for quick deflation. The rigging features a single setting front bridle with two pulleys and three settings on the wingtip for dialing in bar pressure and turning speed. The Bandit features a nice balance between lightweight construction and durable build quality. The smaller versions of the Bandits got high marks for their fast pivot style turn and ultra crisp steering response that really helps a rider put the Bandit exactly where you want it. The Bandit is fast across the window but it’s not scary nor unmanageable. Sometimes a high wind size in a given model doesn’t feel anything like the middle staple sizes, but in this case, F-One has done a good job of keeping the general performance characteristics even as you drop in size. This kite has great relaunch and even at 5m this kite offers a fair amount of range, but with its super nimble steering, you can pretty much keep it comfortably milking the window for every ounce of power. The Bandit has nice medium bar pressure that gives the rider solid feedback on kite placement and in underpowered conditions, you will detect oversheeting fairly quickly. For lift and hangtime, the smaller sizes will deliver solidly in the explosive boost category and will give you some hangtime but the latter is not really what you expect from small kites. Overall, the Bandit is a very fast, responsive all arounder that our team found to work extremely well in high wind surf.

The Bandit comes with the Monolith control bar which is a fixed length bar (45 and 52cm) that is machined out of a single piece of aluminum block. It has a plastic coated sheeting/throw line, no sliding stopper, double center-line depower, high-V, and above bar depower Clam cleatwithout an attachment option to keep the depower control toggle from tangling. The safety system utilizes a push away quick release with a quick release travel guard, but no hand swivel. The center and outside lines all have looped pigtails and while the length of sheeting/throw is not adjustable, the Bandit design delivers all the depower you will need within reach of most people. TKB-FREERIDE-2017-FONE-BAR-2741This year, F-One took away the centerline tuning above the depower cleat and changed bar colors from red and blue to red and yellow. The padded floats attach to the hard bar ends and the outside leader lines can allow riders to adjust the length of the outside lines for stretch or tuning. Testers praised bar’s rubber grip with slight texture and overall simplicity and functional features.

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