Despite it being a fairly basic handlepass and a great launchpad for the late mobe, slim chance and the s-mobe, I learned the 313 pretty late in my freestyle progression. The 313 starts with a shifty raley; a classic version of the raley where your legs are behind you, but your head and upper body rotate backwards. When I first started practicing the 313, I focused on the style of the shifty, but my first successful attempts were when my style actually felt weak.

. . . it’s one of those tricks that seems so difficult, but all of a sudden it just clicks and becomes almost effortless.

Before you unhook, make sure that you’re riding at medium speed and that the kite is 45° from the water. If you’re trying it in light wind conditions, or if you’re not getting enough height off of the water, then you’ll have to start with the kite a bit higher.

STEP 1. Start with the shifty. Basically it’s a raley, but instead of looking down between your outstretched arms, you’re going to look towards your back shoulder, trying to reach a horizontal position with your back legs extended behind you.

STEP 2. To initiate the handlepass, you have to bring your back leg forward and under the bar to start the rotation, while at the same time, bringing the bar into your hip and looking over your front shoulder.

STEP 3. Make sure to pass the bar and wait to let go with your back hand until you have rotated and the bar is in your front hand.

STEP 4. Focus your eyes on the water and spot your landing. This will help you continue the rotation.

STEP 5. To prevent injuries, make sure you’re landing downwind with your knees bent. Get your kite under control and hook back in again.

When you finally get this move, you’ll find it to be one of those consistent tricks that you can always land because the biggest component of it is sheer strength. If you have enough muscle to pull yourself to the bar, you will land the 313 every time.

Words: Marc Toth // Photographer: Philipp Scholler

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