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Sizes Available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14m
High Wind Test Sizes: 7m

Flysurfer Says:

The STOKE is powerful, precise and super-responsive. A superb bar feel gives you full control to throw big loops, shred massive waves or unleash its explosive pop. An easy choice for riders who like unhooked-freestyle, wave riding or gnarly big airs. Try the most radical FLYSURFER kite… share the stoke!

Visit for more info: www.flysurfer.com/project/stoke

TKB Says:

The Stoke is a 3-strut low aspect SLE with swept back wingtips featuring a front bridle that offers three settings (wave, freeride, freestyle) and one sliding pulley as well as a wingtip with three attachment points. The wingtip pigtail is a small stainless ring while the front bridle pigtail ends in a knot. While the stainless ring could be used to create a loop, the bar comes with loops on both the center and outside lines. The stoke features an inflation valve that is commonly found on a SUP inflatables – equipped with an easy to use button to initiate deflation, the valve allows for high flow in and out of the kite. In the event that you do not have the correct hose for the high-flow valve the LE has a standard 9mm valve as a backup. However, with the SUP valve the inflation is incredibly quick and easy, our guess is you will be seeing more of these in the future. The canopy of the Stoke is noticeably full with its low aspect canopy shape which delivers a ton of grunty power. The Stoke features a pivot style turning arc and while this kite doesn’t build a ton of power during its turns it features incredibly light bar pressure that makes cruising super comfortable and predictable. The front bridle setting the kite offers a bit of a C-kite style pull where much of the depower doesn’t happen until you completely sheet out on the angle of attack. When it comes to freestyle we really liked the kite’s pull with the big upsides in lift and really impressive hangtime. If you want to throw some one-footers, dead-mans or super lofty table tops this is the kite that will give you the air time to play that game. Overall, the Stoke is a solid option for the progressing kiter that wants a very predictable performance that will help them get them into the swing of cruising comfortably and getting some fun airs.

The Stoke came with the Infinity 3.0 Airstyle CC control bar. The CC stands for Clamcleat as you can also purchase this board in the “PP” version with a power strap. The Airstyle features a single centerline safety depower that runs midway up the center lines to accomplish a flagging safety on one center line. The bar features a push away quick release which is both clean, simple and lightweight and easy enough to re-assemble with two hands. The quick release features a below the bar swivel that doubles as a quick release guard and a double spectra throw line that automatically untwists the center lines after rotations. The Clamcleat features velcro on the adjustment toggle to keep it in place while riding and by moving the cleat you can adjust the length of the spectra trim line bar throw. All ends of the flying lines feature larkshead knots; as mentioned above the outside wingtip pigtail consists of a small stainless ring that you loop around. The bar ends are plastic with bungees for securing loose lines and separate foam floats that push up to reveal two adjustment options for the outside line lengths. The grip on the Infinity features a smaller diameter and a stamped EVA with plenty of traction that feels solid in your hand but not too aggressive.

Visit for more info on the bar: www.flysurfer.com/project/infinity-3-0-airstyle-cc-bar