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Introducing the #XR5challenge, WOO has teamed up with CORE Kiteboarding to send four WOO riders to Cape Town, South Africa for a week-long kite holiday this January.

There are four ways to win a ticket to Z.A. by riding with WOO this August through November:

    Men’s Biggest Boost – Highest Jump recorded by WOO

    Women’s Biggest Boost – Ladies Highest Jump

    Biggest Month of Boosting – Most Accumulated + Highest Avg.

    Wild Card – Best WOO Session Photo, Shared to FB / Insta

In addition to overall winners, we’ll be handing out swag packs for monthly winners in the biggest boost & accumulated categories.

To qualify your WOO session for the challenge, simply add #xr5challenge in your Session Descriptions. For Wild Card posts, share your Session Photo publicly to Facebook or Instagram with #xr5challenge in the caption.

The Biggest Month of Boosting is a two-stage qualification. Each month, the rider with the most accumulated height will qualify as a finalist. Once the four finalists are set, the rider with the highest average jump height in their respective month will win the trip.

Follow challenge updates on WOO Kite on Facebook / Instagram and CORE Kiteboarding Facebook / Instagram

Don’t have a WOO?  Find your Local Retailer or Order Online and start Boosting your way to Cape Town!

A Couple Rules to Know:

  • You can ride any kite, at any spot with your WOO to qualify, but twintip boards only.
  • Best Session needs to be a WOO Session photo shared publicly to Facebook or Instagram with #xr5challenge to qualify. The 15 posts will be voted on by the community to pick the winner.
  • WOO/CORE employees & family, pro kiteboarders, kite shop owners are excluded from this challenge
  • WOO reserves the right to validate results once posted to the WOO App.

Best of luck!