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One of the questions Jeremie Tronet gets asked the most is regarding which kite to choose from the North Kiteboarding range and after spending some time on all of the 2017 North kites, he decided to quickly review each kite to help you make the right choice.

Kiteboarding has become a very polarized sport with many different disciplines from wakestyle to foiling, jumping high or surfing waves and North Kiteboarding covers it all with their extensive and well designed kite range.

Mixed with stunning videography from some of the most beautiful spots of the JT Pro Center in the Grenadines this video will give you a good insight on which North Kiteboarding kites to choose.

Jeremie did a quick interview with the guys at North for their blog to give you a bit more insight. Here’s the questions/answers we found to be most helpful: 

What are your top picks for the following:

Beginners – For beginners I believe that the Evo is the perfect all around kite that works well for those first steps and progression. The Neo and the Mono would also work well.

Freeriding -The Evo and Rebel are both great picks.

Waves – Definitely, and without a doubt the Neo is magic in the waves.

Wakestyle – The Vegas is the perfect wakestyle kite for 100% unhooked riding. The Dice is also very good, even if you want to also want to do some hooked in tricks from time to time.

Lighter riders – The small Mono sizes work well in light wind.

Heavier riders – The Juice is the power machine of the North kite range.

What’s your secret tip for tuning a kite?

It’s not a secret tip, but something basic most riders don’t even know. If your kite backstalls a lot it means your back lines are too tight so make them a little longer by adjusting the knot settings on the bar.

If your kite tends to fall from the sky or have less power than it feels it should, that means your front lines are too short. To counteract this, make your back lines shorter this time by adjusting one knot at a time, changing the knot settings at both ends of the bar.

Learn more at: https://www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/kites/

This page was updated on July 16, 2019.