STFYC Kite Race Series Recap: Thursday, May 4, 2017

Yet another fun and competitive night. After having a beautiful week in San Francisco, the city by the bay showed her true colors. Fog down to the deck, 30 degree shifts and 20 knot puffs (perhaps the 0 knot lulls were more important). It was truly a “the coldest summer racing I ever spent was tonight in San Francisco.

That said the fleet came out, all to win. 21 racers off the start providing, fun technical and competitive racing. Again, in it to win it and showing true dominance, Johnny (1,2,1) followed closely by Joey Pasquali (2,3,2). Riccardo Leccesse, the Italian / Columbian Stallion, (3,1,3) rounded out the top three with Stefaans Voljoen (4,5,4) and Seth Besse (6,4,6) completing the top 5. Daniela Moroz (5,DSN,5) worked to highlight the fact that she is just as fast, if not faster than the guys. But consistency at the end of the day is key. Tangling in the second kept her out of the top 5.

Thanks to the race committee and all the competitors for braving the chilly San Francisco Night.

Race Results – Thursday May, 4 2017

Photos: Billy Ackerman

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