Sizes Available: 3.5, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10, 12m

Naish Says:

Uncover your personal riding style with the adaptable and accessible Boxer. A nod to the straightforward design of its namesake, the all-new Boxer blends efficiency and innovation for a riding experience that is both versatile and forgiving.

A single luff strut marries the best characteristics of strutless and strutted kite designs. The strut’s relaxed connection to the canopy creates a dynamic structure, which allows the canopy to freely expand and contract, while maintaining the strength of a strutted framework to handle heavier loads with ease.

An outstanding underpowered kite, the Boxer is incredibly easy to relaunch, light to the touch, responsive but gentle. Very easy to sheet in and go, this kite is quick, easy to control and generates power quickly. It’s light and lively feel at the fingertips makes it approachable and forgiving. In short, the Boxer is the proverbial “yes man”—eager to please, easy to control and supportive enough to explore your own style.
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Our Testers Say:

“Tight, pivotal turns, good low end power and incredibly stable.” // Dray Murray

“Excellent handling in strong wind.” // Rob Shea

“Awesome to boost and great hangtime.” // Jabe Harpole

Meet Our Testers


TKB Says:

For those that may not remember, the Boxer was a classic Naish model from the early years that was heralded as a great all around kite for entry level and casual kiters. This year, Naish has introduced a new single-strut platform and anointed it with the classic Boxer name for 2017. This kite features a single strut airframe with a medium aspect canopy and sweptback wingtips. The Boxer has a high flow Boston valve that requires the larger inflation nozzle on standard pump hoses and Naish’s proprietary internal check valve for easy inflation of the strut without the clunky distribution hose. This system does require that you open a 9mm check valve on the strut when deflating the kite that you need to remember to close upon inflation. The Boxer features a single set it and forget it front bridle and three steering settings on the wingtip. Testers gave the Boxer solid praise for its light to medium bar pressure and impressive canopy control for a single-strut kite. The Boxer will give you some flutter when fully sheeted out but this is very minimal and a small price to pay for such a light airframe and a smooth progressive on and off feel for power delivery. Its performance was especially appreciated on a few extreme light wind days. Many on our test team were riding the 12m combined with a large directional or foilboard while others on the water were on 17m+ LEI kites or ram air foil kites. Additionally, during our week of freeride testing our kites typically show signs wear; the new Quad-Tex canopy material that Naish used felt noticeably crisp after our ‘industrial’ use. Testers gave the Boxer excellent marks for its turning response, big boosting and overall ease of use and recommended it for riders of all levels for general freeriders who are looking a lightweight all-around fun kite.


Our Boxer came with Naish’s all new Torque BTB (comes with Below the Bar power adjustment) Control System but can also be flown with Naish’s Torque ATB (Above the Bar power adjustment). First off, let’s praise Naish for coming up with names for their different bar configurations that doesn’t make your head spin. This bar features a dual adjustable length bar (45-50cm) with a single center-line safety depower, low-V, spectra sheeting/throw line, replaceable insert, no sliding stopper, and the below the bar power adjustment with custom cleat built into the quick release body that doubles as a quick release guard. The quick release integrates a below the bar swivel which keeps the rigging above the bar refreshingly simple. The molded foam floats are a good size but fold down easy for quick and painless wrap jobs and the retractable bungees have an easy to grab tab and a solid clip to ensure your lines stay on the bar between sessions. The adjustable bar ends make it easy to adjust the effective length of the bar and also allow you to tune the outside lines for length. The chicken finger is a rigid material that ensures against foul hooks and can be rotated out of position for easy hook and unhooking for the more aggressive freestyle riders out there. The grip has a nice rubber feel with solid texture and an ergonomic shape that accommodates both riders with wide and narrow grip stances (smaller bar diameter in the center for the narrow grip stance riders). Like all below the bar adjustment systems you’ll want to make power adjustments with the bar sheeted out; using this technique we had no problem changing the angle of attack in all kinds of conditions. Overall, the Torque has the unique distinction of packing a ton of useful features into a lightweight, well-designed package.

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