They found themselves at a place in time where content is distorted by mass media for the public’s appeal, only to last for an absurdly short period of time. They sacrificed likes and plays, to swim upstream and go back to something forgotten in the sport. 
Shot in 4k and featuring Aaron Hadlow, Noe Font, Stefan Spiessberger, Colleen Carroll, Craig Cunningham and friends – The Bubble is a full length kiteboarding film that follows a group of pro riders who come from all different walks of life and live in their own fictitious bubble as they travel the world, kiting, filming and exploring. Take this chance (it may be your only chance) to get closer and have a look into what The Bubble really is.
“This to me is kind of welcoming everybody else into our Bubble. Show them why we do this, why we are so passionate about it and give them a bit more than just 60 seconds.” — Colleen Carroll
The crew wrapped up filming in May and hope to release sometime during the summer. Until then, you can subscribe to where you’ll have the chance to win weekly prizes, as well as get behind the scenes videos, rider interviews and stories from the road. You’ll also be the first to get a free downloadable copy of the movie!
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