How much time have you lost driving to the spot when the weather forecasts weren’t right?

WEZR makes you weather smart and helps you to become in tune with nature. The startup was founded in Montpellier, France in 2012 by Stéphane Diner and Vincent Crosnier, two former pilots from the French Air Force.

How does it work? You open the app (iOs/Androïd) and simply click on a map at a precise point (beach, behind the hill, in the valley…), then you get a very accurate weather forecast on this precise point for the next 6 hours and now you have the right information to make a critical decision.

WEZR is a mobile weather station (connected sensor) that collects atmospheric data (temperature, relative humidity, absolute pressure) at your exact location. Data is transferred to WEZR’s servers to be merged with the conventional weather models. This crucial step is managed by a state-of-the-art computational algorithm designed by meteorologists, climatologists and mathematicians that immediately creates a new weather model, customized for the user’s special location in the form of a highly accurate dashboard indicating time and evolution in the next hours.

WEZR forecasts evolve constantly, taking into consideration the latest observations from sensors, crowdsourced data, and lots of open source data and has been certified by the French equivalent of the NASA (CNRS).

Stop by WEZR’s booth at this year’s XBA Kitexpo to test it out!

What else is going on at this year’s 2017 XBA Kitexpo?

ScreenShot2Be sure to check out AquaVolta, a new LED light board accessory company at the expo. AquaVolta was founded in 2015 by Kim Harrison and Mike Thielvoldt, both SF Bay Area kiteboarders and engineers who want to help push the sport they love into new and darker realms.  Today, AquaVolta is all about nerding out, having fun, and connecting with the kiters of the world.

Movie night at Saturday night BBQ

Weather permitting (no fog, no wind, and new a/v equipment cooperating!), we’ve also got some movies to share. Be sure to bring a blanket and beach chair and enjoy a new 10 minute feature of The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing from North, a new 30 minute Cabrinha movie from South Africa not released to the public yet, as well as Red Bull’s Chapter One film. Starting at 6p, the Oceano Jr. Lifeguard Association will be serving up chicken, side salad, baked beans and bread and AquaVolta is generously sponsoring a keg. Tickets are $15 and always sell out so get them while you can at registration starting today! Movies will follow, as soon as its dark enough to show them.

The forecast is excellent for all three days of the Expo and we have been getting some amazing donations for the raffle including a CORE kite, F.ONE twin tip, boxes of swag from Dakine and much more. Come demo gear from 15 brands and enjoy a great weekend with riders from all over the state.

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