Sizes Available: 132, 136, 142, 146cm
Sizes Tested: 136 x 40.5cm, 146 x 43.5cm

Slingshot Says:

One of Slingshot’s longest running boards, the Misfit is a time-tested design perfect for general freeride kiters who want a twin tip they can use anywhere, in any condition. The Misfit features mild rocker and a relatively stiff flex pattern, making it a board that cuts up wind and beats through chop exceptionally well. Laser-cut NACA channels give the Misfit precision contour at the tip and tail, which helps channel water to generate speed, grip, load and pop.

In 2017 you will notice lighter boards, a more continuous flex pattern with weight reduction, better flex control and increased feel. With Slingshot’s new carbon-reinforced inserts replacing the Fastrack system the new inserts are are designed to offer you a solid connection to a board that still needs to flex. The insert pull strength is increased by 30%, while the overall board weight is cut by 10%.

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Our Testers Say:

“The channels on the Misfit really grip the water making it easy to lock in and lean way back.” // Justin Lord.

“Responsive turning and a lot of fun on edge. This board is great for aggressive carves and transitions.” // Chris Borodic.

“Comfortable, easy to adjust straps. Ate the chop up and provided powder smooth landings.” // Brent Borodic.

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Misfit is one of those boards we’ve tested over the years and for 2017 Slingshot’s freeride big air hucking machine runs a single concave down the center and Slingshot’s proprietary Naca Duct channels into the tips. The Misfit’s flatter rocker and narrower width make this board feel extremely fast through the water and fairly grippy for a board that’s sporting 2.0 fins. The big change for 2017 is SS’s move away from its sliding track system, which has both increased the evenness of the flex in this board as well as reduced weight with the addition of lightweight carbon inserts. The Misfit is a board that works great for more aggressive freestylers that like to ride powered and want a board that feels fast through the water and use edge control and the lift of the kite to boost insane air. The flatter rocker requires a little more active edge control in the worst chop but with it’s narrower template and lighter weight this is the tool of choice for the kiter whose only happy after they’ve slipped in a third rotation in the final moments of boosting massive nose-bleed air. The Misfit’s new carbon inserts (great idea by the way) comes with three stance width adjustments and a large series of duck options. The straps are fairly dense with a thin neoprene feel over the arch and quad Velcro adjustment zones; each zone is adjustable forward and aft for unlimited customization to get the perfect fit. The foot beds are fairly dense with an overall molded rubber feel, subtle heal cupping and relatively little contour under the arch with a solid toe bump to keep your feet seated at all times.