Sizes Available: 144cm
Sizes Tested: 144cm

Liquid Force Says:

Feeling like you lack some direction in your kiteboarding? Looking to blast into outer orbit and land like a floating feather? The Space Craft will cover all these needs and then some! Utilizing T.F.R.(Tips, Front, Rear) technology that allows for easy riding both nose and tail forward, the added slight offset back from center outline and asymmetrical rocker creates a chop soaking, big boosting, smooth landing experience that will change your view of riding a multi directional board forever. Drawing design direction from past mutant folklore, modern surf shapes, and directional snowboards, the Space Craft offers hard carving action that is an easy cross over from your standard twin. Like its larger brother the Moon Patrol, the Space Craft comes with 6 fins; 4 x 4cm and 2 x 5cm, to adjust the ride the conditions or preference of feel.

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Our Testers Say:

“The Space Craft is a smooth, fun board that cuts through chop. It’s a directional looking twin tip that rides well both directions.” // Justin Lord.

“Wow. Great edging on this board. Carve that turn and off you go!” // Rob Shea.

“Super fun to carve, this chop eater is impossible to nose dive.” // Chris Borodic.

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Space Craft is all new for 2017 with Liquid Force’s back to the drawing board take on what a freeride fun stick ought to be. As a directional twin tip, this board can easily be ridden in both directions, but it does have a dedicated nose and a tail. With full length concave and  a tomo-styled tip/cut-out tail, the Space Craft has a little more rocker in the nose, slightly flattened out rocker in the tail and hips and inserts that put your stance a little bit back to favor your predominant stance. The Space Craft is indeed a unique animal that combines the subtle surf/carvey feel of a directional surfboard with thin rails and control you find on a twin tip that slices through water. This board feels more at home on the favored stance (nose first) where it tends to be more grippy and balanced, but unlike an old school mutant shape this board goes upwind quite well on its unfavored stance though you might notice it doesn’t have the same locked-in tracking feel and as solid as an edge hold. Testers commented on the Space Craft as being really fun for carving off the top of little waves with a lively surf feel and we can’t help but think that the Space Craft is perfect for someone who wants the playful slash-ability of rail to rail carving and the low volume profile of a twin tip for big air jumping without the hassle of the footwork for changing stance that comes with a surfboard. The Space Craft features four stance width adjustments for greater options on where you place your weight on the board as well as a series of stance duck adjustments. The straps have different adjustments for width within the footpad and the strap itself feels incredibly plush and comfy with a terry cloth lining and a clean adjustment system that is easy to make changes on the fly. The footbeds have a nice rubber texture and come with three different density inserts so you can adjust the density of the footbed to your liking as well as subtle heel cupping and a nice toe bump that keeps you connected to the Space Craft during hard carves. Testers gave these strap/pad combo high praise for comfort and control.