Sizes Available: 132, 133cm
Sizes Tested: 133 x 42cm

F-One Says:

The all new Acid HRD Carbon series is a new school freestyle machine that features a new rocker and concave shape that delivers better speed control and better pop for the ultimate rider. The proprietary F-One carbon construction offers improved strength to weight ratio and offers riders increase control, maximum edge grip and pop anytime, anywhere! The Acid comes equipped with our revolutionary helical rail design that give the Acid superior edging, impressive stability and precision, huge comfort and forgiving, smoother landings.
Give our new school freestyle a weapon a try and never look back!

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Our Testers Say:

“It’s a very stable board that edges extremely well.” // Alejandro Strauss.

“The Acid’s a fast carving, hard popping board that handles the chop without any problems. The straps are comfortable and easy to adjust on the water.” // Chris Borodic.

“I had fun doing tricks and riding toeside.” // Jon Dixon.

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The 2017 Acid with Carbon construction features a single concave down the middle flattening into the tips with rounded square tips. The carbon flex pattern is middle of the road, and while it feels a bit stiff at first as you apply load it feels very reactive. The Acid features a fair amount of rocker with a short but wide template, which helps make this board feel both fast and controlled when powered up. When it comes to tracking on edge through the chop, the Acid is both efficient and user-friendly, perhaps because of the reverse rounded rails (F-One calls this Helical). Despite the 3.0 fins and fairly simple bottom shape, the Acid has good grip on the water both when on edge and ridden flat, while also giving a fun carving feel off the waves or when laying into it from rail to rail. The strap and pad combo features three stance width adjustments and a series of adjustments for stance duck. The strap is a single adjustment Velcro strap which offers a very reasonable mixture between cushy feel and stiffness. The foot beds are fairly soft with smooth grippy rubber with a good amount of cupping around the back of the heel and coutours under the arch with a subtle toe bar. While the strap and pad combo is fairly simple in adjustment, it offers a solid comfortable feel.