CORE Choice II
Sizes Available: 134, 137, 139, 142cm
Sizes Tested: 137 x 41.5cm

Core Says:

The many faced freestyler. Whether it’s stomping a big rail in boots or slamming a railey in straps. Or simply freeriding the Planet of the Apes. The new, lighter, Choice 2 offers endless possibilities to experiment and make your own style.

The Choice 2 builds upon its predecessor’s strength by extending the CNC milled Paulownia wood core closer to the edges to reduce weight and increase reflexivity. Revised channels along with Vario Rails give you the grip and control you need with or without fins. Its moderate freestyle rocker will get you out of trouble on those not so perfect landings. CORE’s proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave further optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex for more pop. Silly grins, boots or straps, finned or finless, here really is no other choice.

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Our Testers Say:

“Perfectly engineered. I’ve never ridden a board so light!” // Alejandro Strauss.

“Zips off of waves, absorbs chop and rips nasty turns without losing speed. I will dream about my session on this thing.” // Chris Borodic.

“Lightweight and snappy with tons of load and pop.” // Jabe Harpole.

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

German kiteboarding companies are known for their precision and detail oriented product engineering and the Choice is a twin tip that seems to prove that stereotype true. The Choice features a subtle reverse concave in the center of the board with full-length channels on the rails into the tips. The Choice features fairly soft flex which makes the board feel forgiving and lively underfoot while the medium plus rocker makes this board cut beautifully through the chop. When you lay the Choice on edge it doesn’t require a ton of input to keep it flying upwind and when the board is ridden flat or rail to rail, it tracks fairly well with its 3.0 fins. The Choice features three stance width options and a single option for the stance duck. The straps have an incredibly comfortable neoprene feel and a fairly good, all-encompassing feel for a single strap setup. The foot pads are soft to medium density with a smooth EVA surface under your arch and diamond grip EVA around the heels that provide plenty of support. Overall, the Choice bindings got excellent reviews for comfort and control.