CARVED Imperator 6
Sizes Available: 133, 135, 137, 139, 141cm
Sizes Tested: 137 x 42cm

Carved Says:

Don’t compromise. Ride the freeride board that set the standard all others are measured against. Because, sooner or later, you will appreciate the workmanship, technology, performance and soul that goes into every handmade Imperator 6 Edition. Although stunning on the surface, the real beauty remains hidden below. The unique Cartan® carbon unibody construction is a masterstroke in production technology. Under the exclusive Cartan carbon fiber, you will find a heart of solid, CNC milled, Paulownia wood. Known by boat builders as the finest nautical wood available, it resists decay and has superb flex characteristics.

The signature Imperator soul is alive and well in the new 6. Its powerful yet comfortable character is confidence inspiring even in tough, choppy conditions. Peerless performance derived, in part, from its new hull features. The distinctive and highly effective Imperator Ellipse continues in the 6th generation. The Ellipse channels forces to the fins and edges when warranted and absorbs the rest. For more pop and comfort. Manufactured by master craftsmen since 2001. Craftsman that put their heart and soul into each board. Visit Fehmarn and you will likely meet your board builder on a shiny black board at a local beach. You see, they don’t just build masterpieces, they live the kiter’s dream.

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Our Testers Say:

“Great at holding an edge at high speed.” // Marko Bartscherer.

“The Imperator is a fast, high-end, chop-eating machine with the best footstraps money can buy.” // Jabe Harpole.

“Lightweight, maneuverable and excellent for carving.” // Rob Shea.

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Carved Imperator is back with its hand-shaped performance rails and amazing lightweight carbon construction which helped make it one of the lightest boards of the test. The Imperator 6 sports a double concave with center spine and a medium rocker that offers a versatile flex pattern. Its carbon construction creates a fairly stiff feel but when you load up the board it flexes and releases excellent power for all levels of riders.  This year the fins are slightly larger (advertised as 1.8” fins) which helps this board lock into its edge more than last year’s model and makes the board feels very secure while carving. With very little tip spray, the template allows the Imperator to rocket upwind effortlessly, cutting through the chop aggressively. The lightness of the board is striking and  particularly noticeable when rotating or spinning on technical moves. The Imperator 6 pad/strap system was a standout favorite for our test team.  It features two stance width options and tons of duck stance options while the straps feature a four zone adjusting system with a unique and convenient ratchet system with adjustments for both forward and aft placement on the binding as well as strap width. The medium density foot beds feel soft with a plush rubber feel and subtle contours in the way of a minimal arch and toe bump.