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F-ONE Mitu Monteiro Essential
Sizes Available: 5’6”, 5’8”
Sizes Tested: 5’8”

F-One Says:

Since the first MITU PRO MODEL 4 years ago, we have focused on one single objective: offer the best technology to bring unique sensations and exceptional comfort. ESL stands for ESSENTIAL as this is all we have kept for this original technology. Fitted with a full bamboo sandwich on both deck and bottom with double bamboo layer on deck to strengthen the area under your feet, the board is very resistant to local impacts and offer a great comfort.

Without pads for the riders who prefer a direct contact with the board and use some wax, this board also shares the latest shape and design of the Mitu range.

Visit for more info: www.f-onekites.com/Products/Surfs/Produit/MITU-MONTEIRO-ESSENTIAL

Our Testers Say:

“It feels like a custom! This is probably the best production kitesurf board I’ve ever ridden. It rips upwind but releases and carves on a dime.” // Brent Borodic.

“The Mitu Essential is great for strapless airs and transitions. There are very few production kitesurf boards that have the flex and feel of a real surfboard but this construction has it.” // Dray Murray.

“I want to be like Mitu and get this board… soon!” // Rob Shea.

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

This year we had a number of surboards in the Freeride test which is a testament of the surfboard’s versatility as a freeride board as well as the only acceptable tool in the waves. Our Mitu came in the ESL construction and while it’s not as lightweight as the latest carbon Mitu models, it’s anything but a flex-less overbuilt pop out when it comes to riding waves, cutting through chop and launching airs. The aspects we noticed the most about the Mitu board is the wider template in the nose, the good amount of flex and very reasonable weight for standard construction. We could romp on this board all day long doing onshore strapless airs and it felt solid enough to take the beating but light enough to deflect wind and stay on our feet during the biggest punts. For surf, the Mitu feels fast down the line but also deliver plenty of control through off the lips and bottom turns. The Mitu 5’8” pivots on a dime and excels in small and medium sized waves. When you see people fighting over a board it’s a fairly good sign that it works, and this shape and construction feels efficient enough to tick the boxes of a lightwind freeride cruiser, a performance strapless air stick if you’re stuck in the chop and ultimately a great surf option in small and medium sized waves (a note, we also prone surfed the 5’8” in shoulder high waves and had surprisingly fun results.)