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Sizes Available: 5.5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17m
Sizes Tested: 9, 12m

Star Says:

In its 6th generation, the Taina is our best seller. After four years of refinements we’ve created the ultimate wind machine to satisfy all styles, all levels, in all conditions. All in all, the Taïna V6 is a perfect all-terrain kite with special performance for the waves, using this kite will keep you stoked during your endless sessions.

Visit for more info: www.starkites.com/product/taina-v6

Our Testers Say:

“With a telekinetic turning speed, the Taina boosts big with minimal effort.” // Tiberiu Anghel.

“Great boost with an easy redirect; this is a very maneuverable kite that lands like a feather.” // Max Mackendrick.

“It’s a solid all around kite. This stable beast gets good loft on jumps and provides soft landings.” // Dray Murray.

Meet Our Testers

TKB Says:

The 2017 Star Taina is back as a medium to low aspect 3-strut kite with swept back wingtips and a quick inflation Boston valve. The Taina features medium plus bar pressure with a Delta-type feel and a pivotal steering arc. The Taina doesn’t generate a ton of power in its turns but it is an overall user-friendly canopy that gives you tons of feedback on its location in the window. The kite design allows a large amount of depower in a very limited amount of throw which allows you to make big changes in the angle of attack with very little amount of movement of the bar needed. This feature is particularly valuable for riders with shorter arms and those that prefer to have their controls close to their body. The Taina was not the fastest kite in the test but it is incredibly stable and because of both these features the Taina’s position in the window is always apparent and incredibly user-friendly. Overall, this kite a good option for general freeriding and big air kiters, those who are looking for a very dependable option to attempt new moves with confidence.TKB-FREERIDE-2017-STAR-BAR-2773The Taina comes with the Elite V3 control bar which is a fixed length bar (50 and 55cm lengths with 24m lines) featuring a single center-line safety depower, a durable plastic coated sheeting/throw line with a sliding stopper, low-V, and an above the bar Clam cleat tuning with an integrated bungee to keep any excess tuning line from tangling during overpowered conditions. The Elite uses a plastic push away quick release with a below the bar hand swivel that doubles as a travel guard, as well as soft foam integrated bar ends. The grip on the Elite is medium to soft with comfortable raised texture of the grip.

Visit for more info on the bar: www.starkites.com/product/elite-bar-v3