Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15, 17m
Sizes Tested: 7, 9, 11m

Core Says:

Meet the newest member of the Universal+ Series: The indomitable GTS4. Built with the same radical, 3 strut, bridled, C-kite configuration as its forerunner but now with more precision, a prodigious operating range and dare we say, a little more badassery. The 4th generation of the legendary GTS series sports refinements to its Future-C shape, bridles, and construction. Experience our interpretation of controlled aggression embodied in powerful, controllable turns with a radius that extends just beyond its wingtips. The GTS4 features superb bar feel by virtue of its shorter Short Bridle System and unbelievably responsive ExoTex construction. An easy choice for unhooked freestyle, relaxed freeriding or waves of any size. With its linear and predictable behavior, you might even think the new GTS4 is virtually connected to your cortex. Its signature turns complement any transition and gets you going when that big wave is chasing you down.

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Our Testers Say:

“It’s a very stable, predictable kite that does exactly what you want: clean, powered turns, super precise control and an easy relaunch — loved it so much I bought an 11m!” // Chris Borodic.

“A rock solid all around kite. The GTS4 is stable, quick and fun for boosting.” // Dray Murray.

“Stable and absorbs gusts but maintains its quick speed and tight turning radius. It turns fast when you want it to and parks and sits on demand.” // Brent Borodic.

Meet Our Testers

TKB Says:

The Core GTS4 is the latest addition to the Core family with a C-shaped 3-strut platform that features a slightly pulled back leading edge that transitions into square-shaped wingtips. The GTS4 uses a large diameter inflation valve that simply uses the female end of a standard pump hose. Just insert the hose without an attachment and twist to lock (beware some brands of pump like the stock North hose or aftermarket pumps like WMFG have a female fitting that is too large to fit Core’s valve, so keep a regular hose on you at all times.) The Core GTS4 features three settings on the front bridle which allows you to choose between: wave/depower, freeride/allround and freestyle/power. There are three settings on the wingtip to adjust bar pressure and the turning speed. Compared to earlier iterations of the GTS4, this version features a shorter length bridle which is a plus when you drop your kite in the surf and on failed kite loops. Testers praised the GTS4 for its quick turning and precise steering response. Compared to the Free, the GTS4 is more aggressive in its speed and boosting capabilities and while it might take a little longer to get to taxi position, on the edge of the window it’s still quite easy to reset when you drop it leading edge down in the water. Overall, testers anointed the GTS4 with high praise for its mixture of performance and reliability, recommending this kite from skilled beginners to advanced kiters in freestyle, surf and general freeride.

We tested the GTS4 with the Sensor 2S Pro bar which adds carbon instruction in addition to a number of new tech features to the 2S line of bars. Starting with a dual adjustable length bar (46/52 cm) with 24m lines, the Sensor 2 comes equipped with a UV coated sheeting/throw line for durability, replaceable plastic insert, no sliding stopper, non-molded non-removable donkey dick, new single center-line safety depower, high-V, above bar depower custom Clam cleat with a Velcro tuning handle to keep the depower control toggle from tangling and a twisting quick release with auto swivel that doubles as a quick release guard and integrates ceramic bearings for longevity. With knotted center lines and outside loops, the length of sheeting/throw can be adjusted for varying arm lengths of kiters or the type of riding. The non-molded foam floats are connected to the bar ends with the tips of the bar being hard. The outside leader lines allow riders to adjust the length of the outside lines for stretch or tuning. One of the standout features of this bar is its incredibly light weight, while testers commented on its medium plush stamped grip and it’s fairly slim diameter that feels good in the hand. The 2S Pro Bar features fairly compact bar end winders which are sufficient for getting your lines wrapped and secured with non-retractable bungees.

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