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Sizes Available: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16m
Sizes Tested: 7, 9, 10, 12m

Airush Says:

The Union has set itself as the new benchmark for the intermediate to advanced rider looking for all round versatility. It unites the key freestyle characteristics of the Razor with the key characteristics of our industry leading Wave kite and the freeride abilities of the Lithium. For 2017, the updated V3.2 bridle configuration features reduced bridle length without compromising on turning and depower. The result remains a superbly balanced kite that excels in the broadest range of conditions, responding to your demands no matter what the discipline.

Visit for more info: www.airush.com/2017/kites/union

Our Testers Say:

“A super stable, confidence-inspiring kite. The Union’s got a tight turning radius and allows for some lofty boosts.” // Brent Borodic.

“Easy to ride with a trusted design. This is an aggressive, super fun kite that’s direct, fast and fun. It cruises upwind with ease and boosts like a dream.” // Jabe Harpole.

“A nimbler version of the Lithium, the Union delivers smooth, progressive power throughout its large depower range and improves confidence in any situation.” // Tiberiu Anghel.

Meet Our Testers

TKB Says:

This is the second year for the Union as Airush’s freestyle capable freeride crossover built on a 3-strut medium/higher aspect shape on a C-shaped platform with swept back wingtips. The Union features a large flow Boston valve that requires the larger inflation nozzle for a quick inflate, three steering settings on the wingtip that allow the rider to adjust bar pressure and two settings on front bridle with three pulleys. The Union continues to use Airush’s “Dyneema Load Frame” construction to add rigidity and long-term durability but compared to earlier versions the current frame is much lighter. The Union got great feedback for its aggressive turning and explosive lift characteristics as well as its progressive power delivery. The Union’s steering arc is broader than the pivot style steering of the Lithium, but overall very quick turning and lively feeling with good depower. Compared to the Lithium, the Union relaunches well, but not quite as quick as its delta-shaped brother, but its the Union’s crisper responsive flying characteristics that will be appreciated by those looking for a kite that can be actively flown. Testers recommend the Union as an excellent choice for the rider that wants a kite for hooked and unhooked freestyle as well as wave riding and general freeriding.TKB-FREERIDE-2017-AIRUSH-CORE-BAR-2735The bar we tested with the Union is Airush’s Core bar. An industry first, the Core bar is a quad adjustable length bar with 45-52-55-62cm bar ends allowing for four different bar lengths. It’s got a PU coated sheeting/throw line, sliding stopper, single center-line safety depower and a low V that allows for a quick single line flag or self land. Two above bar depower handles (more power/less power) keep the depower strap within the rider’s reach while a push away quick release with integrated swivel that doubles as a quick release guard is on the bottom end. The center lines end in a knot and the outside lines end in loops. While the PU coated sheeting/throw line offers durability and longevity, the length of sheeting/throw cannot be adjusted. The color coded molded bar floats are attached to the durable rubber molding encased bar tips for a softer bar end and the outside leader lines allow riders to adjust the length of the outside lines for stretch or tuning. The 21mm diameter bar strikes a nice balance between grippy texture and medium plushy grip. The Core features a new leash attachment with an additional kite ring allowing riders attach and detach their leaches while in suicide mode with ease.

Visit for more info on the bar: www.airush.com/2017/kites/#kite-bars