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The 5th and final day of the La Ventana Classic got off to an early start as the SUP vans loaded up and headed north to the infamous private resort of Las Cruces to begin an eight mile downwinder. thekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7197The course was technical and paddlers battled onshore winds for the first half of the race until they turned the corner at Punta Gorda for the downwind section all the way to the Hot Springs. Riding a board he shaped himself, Gerry Lopez took the win. “He was awesome to watch,” said SUP race director Barrett Tester, “He looked beautiful and nimble like a flying fish.” Bonnie Fromm, whose been dominating the contest all week long came in seccond followed by Dave Beddows in third.thekellerwhale_JasonHudson_JKH_7213Next up was the Criss Cross event where foilers and windsurfers kited from the Hot Springs beach to Cerralvo island and back. With a close finish to the race Joey Pasquali and took the win by just 2 seconds, dumping his kite moments before crossing the finish line but riding through while still up on foil.

For the single Crossing event from Cerralvo island, it was a tight race between Reed Brady and Mac Skaggs. They had both crashed but they were were neck and neck for the last 8 minutes with Reed eking by Mac at the last second to take the win.

The rest of the day was scheduled to run a second finals heat, but with variable winds on the inside, the athletes opted to keep their scores from yesterday’s finals and instead, put on a free for all huckfest for the crowd.thekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7251MC Grom got the evening awards party going with a live auction that included local made art and pottery, a Riviera SUP and a custom made acoustic guitar. At the start of the event, Tim had set a ballpark goal of raising $20,000. Party-goers and athletes reached deep into their pockets, bid high and donated lots of their prize money. By the end of the night when the grand total came in, Tim was proud to announce that the La Ventana Classic had raised $25,600! All proceeds will go to local organization, Amigos de Alumnos and the La Ventana community, in the form of scholarship money to send local kids to high school. It will also go towards building a new playground as well as the installation of a new police trailer to help keep La Ventana safe. thekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7537Tim pulled Mark and Mary of Elevation Kiteboarding up on stage and gave them a special thanks for donating over 5 grand of the proceeds! What a spectacular event! Thanks to everyone who participated, volunteered and came out to watch! Check out the awards below: thekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7336Stoke Award– John Von Tesmar
Slosh Slosh Award– Layne Mullard
Sportsmen Award– Julio Caesar thekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7404Kiteboard Slalom Racing Men’s Competitor 
1. Mac Skaggs
2. Philipp Schonger
3. Grom Gormleythekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7396Kiteboard Slalom Racing Women’s Competitor
1. Rachel Callahan
2. Justi Vonada
3. Ella Johnsonthekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7369Kiteboard Slalom Racing Sportsmen
1. Dave Beddows
2. Eric Stevens
3. Robbie Stewardthekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7359Kiteboard Slalom Racing Sportswomen
1. Laura Flath
2. Diana Salom
3. Mary Eve Mayrenthekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7453Freestyle Men’s Competitor
1. Reed Brady
2. Louis Diego Geraldo Chavez
3. Grom Gormleythekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7441Freestyle Women’s Competitor
1. Rachel Callahan
2. Justi Vonada
3. Marie Eve Mayrandthekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7429Freestyle Sportsmen
1. Adon Geraldo
2. Phillip Schonger
3. Dave Beddowsthekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7411Freestyle Sportswomen
1. Julie Lefaure
2. Diana Salom
3. Laura Flath

Strapless Freestyle Men’s
1. Mac Skaggs
2. Layne Mullard
3. Reed Brady

thekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7458Strapless Freestyle Women’s
1. Ella Johnson
2. Rachel Callahan
3. Justi Vonadathekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7526Men’s Criss Cross Foil
1. Joey Pasquali
2. Nico Landauer
3. John Von Tesmarthekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7339Women’s Criss Cross Foil
1. Bitna Kimthekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7511Men’s Competitor Crossing
1. Reed Brady
2. Mac Skaggs
3. Fred Hopethekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7493Sportsmen Crossing
1. Clint Sterba
2. Luca Keller
3. Stan Mah

Sportwomen Crossing
1. Kylie Zarmatithekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7350Foil Course Racing
1. Joey Pasquali
2. Nico Landauer
3. John Von Tesmar

Women’s Race Foil
1. Bitna Kimthekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7482Overall SUP 12’6” – Men
1. Dave Beddows
2. Gerry Lopez
3. Julio Ceasar

Overall SUP 12’6” – Women
1. Mary Rose Kissenger

Overall SUP 14′ – Men
1. Mike Dillon
2. Norm Beddows
3. Gary Martinthekellerwhale_JasonHudson_IMG_7476Overall SUP 14′- Women
1. Bonnie Fromm
2. Ella Johnson

Photos by Jason Hudson