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Day 4 of the Lord of the Wind 2017 competition is commencing with a mid afternoon start for the Hydrofoil Races.

The event kicked Day 1 off with four Hydrofoil Course Races, and another two races on Day 3. Nico Landauer, Julien Kerneur, and Joey Pasquali have been in tight competition for the podium with Kerneur and Landauer separated by just one point after 6 races. In the Women’s division Bitna Kim is consistently finishing in front of 2016 overall champion and Lady of the Wind Cynthia Brown.Kerneur was a standout in the Boardercross event with his bidirectional jumps and kite control. In the Women’s division Kris Kinn, Justi Vonada, and Rachel Callahan were close all four races with Callahan currently in the lead.  

Kris kim mid raley

Kris Kinn mid raley

The wind on Day 2 was not kiteable forcing the athletes to compete in an egg toss on the beach. Team Slingshot took the gold in this fun event.All rights reserved.Day 3 started off with southerlies that held through the day allowing for two Hydrofoil Course Races and the Foil Big Air competition. Kerneur held onto his lead in the racing and also had a strong showing in the Big Air. John von Tesmar, Will Cyr, Chip Wasson, and Kerneur advanced into to finals for the Big Air. Unfortunately, Wasson broke the wing on his foil as he was heading out and was unable to finish the final round. All rights reserved.

–All photos courtesy of Sebastian Tron