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Slingshot Kiteboarding is excited to announce the addition of two very talented riders to its Global and National teams. For the first time in brand history, the two new riders are dedicated foilers, each with his own unique aptitude in this amazing new faction of our sport.

Leading the charge on our elite Global team is the awe-inspiring Adam Withington, who is at the absolute pinnacle of progressive freestyle and big air foiling. Watch one minute of Adam in action and it’s easy to see why he is credited with singlehandedly redefining what is possible with a foil. His innovative style and pioneering spirit is a perfect match for team Slingshot.

Slingshot is also pleased to add local Gorge shredder Fred Hope to their National team. Fred is one of the most talented groms out there on a foil. This confident, laid back and humble young rider has a very bright future.

2017 looks to be an exciting year in foiling for Slingshot. After developing a rock solid foundation, including the industry’s first multi-mast Flight School system and the comprehensive www.Foil-Academy.com learning method, they are forging ahead as a premier foil brand in kiteboarding.