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2017 marks NP’s 25th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of highly technical waterwear and accessories. The company has a deep line of windsport-specific products with exclusive materials like high-end Armor-Skin neoprene, harnesses for men, women and kids as well as all new spreader bars, including the world’s first forged aluminum bar. NP’s Marc Saenz tells us more about the 2017 line in order to help us choose what NP Surf products will best suit our needs and budgets.

NP has a solid line of wetsuits with some innovative tech that is developed specifically for windsports. How are the Combat and Mission suits different from what’s on the market and how should one go about choosing between the two?

With so many brands out there, some choose their suits based on what their friends wear, some choose what the top rider at the time is wearing and some choose based on their favorite color. Here at Neil Pryde we have been making wetsuits for almost 25 years that specifically cater to windsurfers and kitesurfers. If you are looking for a suit that provides unrestricted freedom of movement and superior warmth our Mission series is perfect for you. Designed for multisport use, it is constructed with Apex-Plus neoprene and loaded with features such as Fireline insulation, P-skinned tape and Armortex four-way stretch kneepads. New for 2017 we have our Combat series. Are you looking for a suit that will provide you with serious heat and superior wind protection? NP’s Combat suits’ Armor-Skin neoprene fights wind like nothing else while strategically placed Apex-Plus panels allot for unrestricted freedom of movement. Also feature rich with E3 entry, P-skin tape, bamboo charcoal, double wrist cuffs, griplock ankles, aquavents and more, this suit is indestructible. Try it Mr. Fingernail!untitled-10-01

For 2017 the NP harness offering seems to be a simple, straightforward line that covers the spectrum of support, flex and comfort. How do you recommend kiters choose a NP harness based on discipline and style?

No matter which sport you partake in, now you can have ONE harness that does it all. Select the harness body you prefer and a spreader bar kit for your sport. The 3D offers maximum support due to its unique pre-bent shape that comfortably wraps around your body. The Back Base system provides support where it’s needed most, while the cushioned interior matches the concave shape of your lower back perfectly. The Bomb is our multisport harness designed for those long sessions and offers a perfectly balanced combination of support, comfort and light weight. The ergonomically designed shape with lumbar support provides great stability while the inner EVA pattern ensures the harness always stays in place. When it comes to ultimate freestyle we have the Mirage which is specifically designed for the kiter seeking flexibility. The unique contour and low cut side panels allow for extreme maneuverability and freedom of movement while lumbar support and padded hips provide maximum comfort. Everyone likes something different so we have built the Flash which is our softest and most comfortable harness in our range. The Flash offers maximum comfort through an ultra light and soft construction. It’s like riding naked! The laminated EVA inner of the Gravity Seat multisport harness is split into three segments to provide dynamic support while the pre-bent shape allows for the harness to completely wrap around the hip and seat area. The Gravity’s leg straps are also uniquely angled for exceptional fit and freedom of movement. If racing is your passion, the Race Seat harness is specifically designed for racing through an ultra-lightweight construction and features a compact fit and a low hook position to maximize leverage on the rig.

The S1 Spreader bar line has developed into a multi-model offering. Explain how one should choose between the S1 Tracker, S1 Kite and S1 Halo spreader options?

untitled-10-02S1 is the world’s first spreader bar constructed entirely out of forged aluminum. To design the ultimate harness we started by looking at the spreader bar, the most essential part of a harness and the link between you and your equipment. Working closely with pro riders, our design team explored numerous material and construction combinations and used finite element analysis to work out dynamic loads, before finally settling on forged aluminum construction for best strength to weight balance and anti-corrosion properties. Stronger and lighter than any other spreader bar available, the S1’s unique shape allows for even load distribution while a smooth finish with no sharp edges completes the unique design. For 2017,

The S-1 has four unique spreader bar and hook options which cater to all riding styles and situations. The S1 Tracker is a pivoting hook which reduces the torque load experienced when a kite starts pulling with a side vector to the body. The spring powered hook effectively makes the connection point much closer to the rider, negating sideways forces experienced during turns or toeside riding. The hook self centers once the load is removed, making hooking in after performing unhooked tricks much easier.

Replacing the traditional hook with a simple closed loop, the S1 Halo is aimed at intermediate to advanced kiters who ride permanently hooked in. This incredibly simple connection prevents ‘foul hooking,’ landing line snags and there is no longer a need to use the security finger. With the pivoting point being much closer to the body the torque load experienced during turns or toeside riding is significantly reduced. Compare it to the new Cabrinha Fireball!

The wetsuit bootie is probably the most important piece of equipment aside from the harness for a kitesurfer. As the sole point of contact with your surfboard, the booty must deliver control, traction, warmth and comfort, so to that end, tell us about the Elite bootie?

untitled-10-03The Elite Fireline Latex Split features a 100% sealed latex rubber exterior and the ultra-warm and feather-light Fireline insulation for ultimate water and wind chill protection. Built using dip technology with soft latex neoprene for incredible flexibility and a barefoot feeling, The Elite bootie is a must have for any watersport enthusiast. They are seriously comfortable — just ask anyone who owns a pair!

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