Core is a full service kite company based out of Germany that has taken a ground-up approach to kite equipment design. Core offers one of the few alternatives to the push away quick release and designs for function and simplicity while delivering pure performance. Daniela Kampka fills us in on the 2017 lineup of kites, twin tips and surfboards.

CORE’s XR4, Free and GTS4 kites all target the wave and freeride/freestyle rider. What criteria should a rider use when trying to choose between the three models?

This year we organized our high performance, all-rounder kites into three families to simplify kite selection. Core’s newly branded Universal Series includes the XR4, GTS4 and our all new Free kite. While each kite has broad capabilities, each model also has a distinctively powerful style attribute and strength, ideal for riders who like variety but prefer one discipline over the others. Under the Universal Series, each kite’s ‘superpowers’ are now highlighted with the ‘+’ symbol.

The 5 strut, bow-inspired XR4 can do it all. But it’s known for never-ending hangtime. With huge range, a powerful canopy, and linear power delivery, we had to put the little ‘+’ beside the performance freeride description to let everyone know that this kite shines in this discipline. Some even prefer its powerful feel in the waves. And others enjoy it understandably for hooked in freestyle.


The new bridled, Future-C GTS4 on the other hand, is the undisputed kiteloop champ. A freestyler’s first choice for its explosive pop and linear control, the GTS4 is also preferred by strapless riders for its super fast bar response and turning speed. We added the ‘+’ beside freestyle as the GTS4 is our best freestyler’s all-rounder. Not as floaty as the XR4, the GTS4 will nevertheless take your breath away (oxygen levels are lower up there) if you move the kite a little more and unleash your inner ninja.

The just released Free bridges a natural gap in our Universal Series lineup. The three strut, bow-inspired Free was designed to be a little lighter and softer than the XR4. It turns out that the Free excels in the waves due to its sweet drifting, linear power/depower on wave-fronts, and jack rabbit water relaunch. So we put the little superpower ‘+’ beside the wave description even though we see this kite as a go-to freerider for just about anyone. We also make a light wind or LW edition for each model just in case the wind gods don’t fully cooperate.


Rob Kidnie is probably one of the most talented kitesurfers out there. What surf products have you developed for riders like Rob in the wave department?

untitled-2-04Lots! We briefly talked about grouping our single purpose kites and gear under our new Universal Series of products to simplify the buying decision. Under this banner, you will find our wave-only Section kite and Ripper 2 surfboard. CORE released its dedicated wave kite for the growing market of strapped and strapless wave warriors who have traded in their twin tips for bigger wave adventures. And we went back to the future with the Ripper 2 directional. Pro surfers know that poly works best in waves, and we agree.

CORE designed the specialized Section with cat-like reflexes to handle the sticky situations you may encounter with pounding waves. We started with a blank sheet on this build and made sure we checked off as many need-to-haves as possible including no tugging and toeside downlooping. Huge range: Check. Predictable drifting: Check. Easy waterstarts in big waves: Check. After ticking all the boxes, we ended up with a very active kite that wants to be thrown around in big waves or knee highs.

So how did we do it? We started with a noticeably narrower leading edge which gives the Section its grin-inducing speed. We modified the agile Future-C shape to give it better drifting. And we added a whole bunch of top secret, rocket ship parts. But hey, don’t believe everything you read. Try the Section for yourself.

For surfboards, the Ripper 2 is a gem in the waves. The medium width, poly construction absorbs nasty bumps like a Cadillac. Its closed cell foam won’t absorb water, so you don’t have to worry about the occasional chip waterlogging your stick. Pack a ding stick and your session won’t end prematurely. The board features a double stringer design, carbon fiber deck and fin box reinforcements and bombproof strap inserts. Strapped or strapless, the Ripper 2 delivers the smoothest lines and endless woo-hoos.

untitled-2-06CORE has a very streamlined twin tip offering. With four boards in the lineup, explain the differences of each and if there are any plans to expand Core’s overall board program.

We have been very busy this year releasing our second generation freestyle and wakestyle boards. Our ‘forever’ boards are built to deliver miles of smiles with their unmatched durability and quality that CORE is known for.

Core’s Fusion 2’s race car-like build features 100% Cartan Carbon construction, G10 fins, and a concave deep-V hull. The proprietary, 30° biaxial carbon fiber delivers superior longitudinal flex and better lateral control. Ride longer with this easy-on-your-knees bestseller.

Core’s second generation all carbon freestyle boards shed 300 grams to make the new designs unbelievably responsive yet stronger than ever. Offering more pop and silly ear-to-ear grins, we shed the weight due to a new CNC milling and production process which extends the Paulownia wood core closer to the board edges to reduce weight and increase reflexivity. The Bolt 2 and Choice 2 both continue to benefit from CORE’s proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave that further optimizes board torsion and dynamic longitudinal flex.

Just add water and the Choice 2 comes alive! For radical, unhooked moves or lazy downwinders in boots or straps, the moderated rocker and two new . length channels produce a silky smooth turning board with incredible lateral resistance and excellent speed in the lulls. Like the original, the lighter Choice 2 carries forward its reputation for extreme durability and slider-friendly bases.

The boot only wakestyle Bolt 2 features the same modified wood core that reduces board weight while increasing board durability. Its refined channels, Vario Rails and wider tips improve speed and control, while the extra layer of CORE’s exclusive Cartan Carbon adds a level of explosiveness that you need to experience. Unique to the Bolt 2 is the snowboard-inspired base. The waxy surface you feel on the new Bolt 2 is highmodulus polyethylene, a material with superior sliding properties especially over rails, ramps, and other water features. And just like snowboards, scratches and dings can be easily repaired with any PTEX candle. Try the new Bolt 2. We may sound a little bold, but we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.untitled-2-05

With three CORE bars to choose from, what are the advantages of each that differentiate them from each other?

We engineer simplicity into our bars for a safer, more connected feeling. It wasn’t easy to improve the already exceptional Sensor 2, so we added a few new parts to the original. We packed this bar with advanced safety features like the only 2-way Rotor quick release system, height adjustable trim cleat and CORE’s innovative flagging system. The titanium reinforced handle, variable width bar ends, and German-made lines gives the Sensor bar its light and direct feeling everyone loves.

We took apart the Sensor 2 and replaced the swivel, main depower line, and added a few other bits to create a truly self-unwinding bar with better durability and feel ‘between the fingers’ for the Sensor 2S. The stainless steel auto untwist swivel was replaced with a super low friction, self-cleaning, ceramic ball-bearing design. The Dyneema main depower line was replaced with a reduced diameter, polyether-coated Tectanium line that is stronger, more aerodynamic and super durable. We also added a bungee to the adjuster rope and installed what we call a ‘S-Neck’ to align better the depower line’s pulling forces. In our clearly biased opinion, the 2S is worth the extra investment.

For those who demand the finest, the new 200g Sensor 2S Pro has your name on it. We souped up the Sensor 2S bar with a 100% carbon fiber, unibody handle. We replaced the flying lines with 100% Tectanium from kiteto- bar with no-stretch Tectanium which is thinner, stronger, and stiffer. We also give you the option to change line lengths. The Sensor 2S Pro is a no compromise control bar.untitled-2-07

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