Carved is a dedicated twin tip company based out of Germany that specializes in high performance carbon twin tips. With a straightforward single board line loaded with a size for everyone, the Carved boards have always been a hit at Tkb Freeride Consumer Tests.

When it comes to high performance carbon machines the Imperator 6 is at the top of the list on our Tkb Consumer testing. Explain the construction behind the Imperator line of boards and how this translates into performance?

untitled-1-01A huge thank you to all the testers who put us on top! It hasn’t been easy, but for over 15 years the iconic Imperator has established its own category in the twin tip market for ultrapremium, customized boards that appeal to the discerning buyer. After four years of continuous R&D, the Imperator 6, nicknamed the ‘6er,’ is finally released with a nearly full-length hard keel sandwiched between a double concave. Upon closer inspection, you will notice more new features like the Imperator’s drag reducing tucked under rail and the slightly wider mono concave tips. The 6er also retains the highly effective and slightly refined Elliptical Flex Tips.

It’s not just good design that makes the new 6er so good. Our master craftsmen start with quality materials like our proprietary 30º biaxial carbon fiber known as Cartan® Carbon. It’s a tight weave, low resin carbon fiber cloth that optimizes board torsion and longitudinal flex. Carbon fiber is the most critical component in our boards, and off-theshelf carbon fiber did not meet our stringent requirements. So we had our own made with an exceptionally high filament count and the now ubiquitous 30º bias.

We shun a one-size-fits-all strategy and optimize components for each board size. We avoid pressing one wood core and mill uniquely sized wood cores for each. It takes much longer but it’s worth it. Our CNC machine mills hand-selected marine grade Paulownia to a tolerance of 1/100th of a millimeter which allows us to bring the wood edge even closer to the board’s rails. The Unibody ‘one mold’ build process vacuum bags our Cartan Carbon over the wood core. This build method is responsible, in part, for the board’s signature feel and comfort.

An experienced touch is required to finish a perfect rail. The modified Coanda-inspired design in the newest Imperator 6 imparts impeccable manners and incomparable carving characteristics. Although a oneshape- fits-all approach benefits mass production, our shapers take extra time and effort to refine every rail individually. And don’t forget about the Imperator’s brother, the new Tantrum 6, our built-to-spec wakestyle board for serious freestylers.

The Imperator comes in five standard sizes. How do you recommend choosing a size and does the size of the board translate to the performance or type of freestyle on the water?

We generally size our board to the rider’s weight. When you go to our website, you will find all the board size recommendations for each weight class. The important thing here is that we are a custom board builder and if you do not find your preferred size we can make it for you. We have no trouble making your Imperator 6 a little wider or longer to suit your riding style. Just ask! We’d be honored to customize your board.

There’s a light wind model in the line called the Imperator LW. what are the design specs that make this board such a great option on lower wind days?

The master craftsmen from the island powerhouse of Fehmarn have raised the bar with the new LW edition which features similar advancements as the Imperator 6. Available in 145, 151 and 157cm, the new Imperator 6 LW editions will leave an impression. The smallest size will feel like a much smaller board given its super light weight. And the bigger size will get you planing on a ripple. With special outlines, super light unibody construction, hand-finished rails, and a few other tricks, the new LWs will transform a mild day into a memorable one.

untitled-1-02Foot pads and straps are an essential part of a board’s performance, how did you design the Ultra pads to accentuate the Imperator experience?

The peerless Imperator 6 needs an equally fantastic set of straps. The all new Ultra pads and straps set the benchmark for ease of adjustability and custom fit. These pads will make you feel more connected to your new Imperator than ever before with their virtually infinite customization settings.

The Ultra pads and straps signature feature is PowerTrim, a fingertip controlled tongue and click-buckle system inspired by proven snowboard binding technology. Not only is the closure system micro adjustable but it also can be used ‘on the fly.’ Mid-session strap adjustments are now easier and faster than ever.

The Ultras are engineered for a custom orthotic fit. The pads are designed with two stance positions on the X-axis (board length); 11 stance angle options and six options in the Y-axis (board width). No other pad/base system is more adjustable. The straps are equally customizable. The strap tongues (aka Strap Lock Wings) are also adjustable in both X and Y-axis without tools. Want to move your straps closer to your toes? No problem; the easy to adjust Strap Lock Wings are easily adjusted by hand. The straps’ neoprene and memory foam padding conforms to any shape for sneaker-like comfort.

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