For 2017, Liquid Force unveiled a total redesign of the kite control bar; Houston, we have a solution!

The Mission Kiteboarding Control Bar brings a new benchmark to the vision of simple functionality. While others seem obsessed with bells and whistles, the Mission Control Bar is all about clean and simple. From its one-piece molded composite construction to its PU wrapped chicken line, to its distinctly clean and eye-catching color scheme, whether you are getting ready to blast off into the stratosphere or just reach toward a rainbow, Mission Control should be in your situation room.

Liquid Force’s Brandon Scheid gives us the low down:

“This year’s Liquid Force bar is redesigned from end to end and depower strap to the chicken loop. Our design goal was to make a bar that does it all and makes it look and feel easy. At the same time, we wanted to make our bar 100% reliable and we worked exceedingly hard to do it. Starting with the chicken loop and depower assembly, we focused on making it simple and ensuring failsafe performance. Each prototype was tested extensively by our team of testers, undergoing 300 punch outs in every scenario we could imagine. We filled them up with sand and otherwise tried to make them fail. The final product is the most reliable safety system in the industry. Going on, Brandon walked us through the bars other features. After ensuring that the chicken loop assembly met our specifications, we focused on making it strong and lite. Using a single molded composite bar allowed us to bring the weight down by 50% without compromising on strength. Then we made it adjustable in all the right ways. The chicken loop comes with a small loop for hooked in riding and a large loop for unhooked riding. The rider may choose to ride with the safety pin or without it. We made the floats detachable, we gave it adjustable end cartages so you can easily adjust the bar length to 55 cm or 49 cm, and we made the lines adjustable to 20 meters or 23 meters.”




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