On August 15th-25th, at Bugaz Spit (40 km from Anapa, Russia), the 2016 Rail Masters Kite Jib Contest was held. This year’s event took place in the first Kite Park League Tour and was attended by the best Russian athletes in kite park riding. All riders showed a great level of their skills but victory, as well as second place, stays at the home spot of the competition – in the Kuban region of Russia.

Here are the results and Russian kite park rankings:
1. Ilya Iskhnopulo (Liquid Force, Quiksilver Russia)
2. Aleksandr Minov (Airush, Ion)
3. Anton Uzhegov (North kiteboarding, Dakine, Picture Organic)
4. Sergey Belmesov (Alride boards, Tsunami crew)
5. Denis Usov (Nobile, Shaka)
6. Gennady Kirillov (Cabrinha)
7. Sergey Shalucho (Nobile, Shaka)
8. Ivan Kudryavtsev (Idikatay)
9. Alexey Leonchik (no sponsors)

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