The F-One foil range keeps growing! At this time they have 7x wings (all carbon), 6x aluminum masts, 3x carbon masts, 2x carbon stabilizers (1 freeride and 1 race), 2x carbon fuselage ( 1 freeride and 1 race) and a lot of kite foilboards and/or SUP foilboards to choose from. And since all components are inter-changeable and compatible, you can customize your ride the way you want.

KITE: You can start with a HYBRID 800 then add a 600 wing with the same mast/stablizer and fuselage, and/or upgrade to a stiffer carbon mast, either taller or not — or go full racing mode with the Race 510 or 540.

SUP: You can start with a convertible Papenoo SUP board — a 2 in 1 board and add a Freeride 1000 SUP Foil. One day you foil, the next you SUP… or you do both in one day.

WIND: You can take the same setup as above but with inserts for a mast and straps and your board is a 3 in 1. You can WIND Foil, SUP or SUP Foil with the same board.

SURF: You can retrofit a surfboard with a KF box and add a Freeride 1000 SUP Foil. Another wing 1200 is in the works too.


You can foil with a kite, but also with a SUP or a surf. The feeling of flying that foiling provides is just something very special. We caught up with F-One’s lead foil designer at Surf Expo to get the low down on the kite foil range.

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