Harnessing the power of the open ocean swells, the hydrofoil allows you to levitate above the surface of the water and ride the world’s longest waves. Surf spots are getting more and more crowded so why not have the option to escape it all. In this video Kai is riding a 5’6″ shortboard on the North Shore of Maui using only using his arms and swell energy to soar for miles upon miles. “My life long dream has always been to continue to progress and figure out new ways to ride waves. At the beginning of this summer I started hydrofoiling with a SUP downwind. The boards I was using began to get shrink and I wondered to myself if I could use my surfing hydrofoil to ride open ocean swells? I tried it, and it’s unbelievable! The world’s longest waves are just in my front yard and the sensation of flight has never felt better. The board I’m using is a 5’6″ shortboard on top a hydrofoil, the never ending wave is out there and the thought that of surfing between islands is so exciting,” says Kai.

FEAT-TEASE-L-V13N3-KAI-LENNY-INFINITEKai Lenny kickstarts another chapter in the foilsurfing history books with the concept of the endless ride. According to Kai, “hydrofoils seem to be solving all our problems.” Read Kai’s story in the fall issue of Tkb. Available here: https://ow.ly/2fF6303Ww80

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