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The fourth day of the Cape Hatteras Wave Classic brought strong winds. After three days of light breeze everyone was jonesing to get on the water and throw down. Riders were taking sessions with camera’s rolling all day. So why didn’t they run the contest? Event Director Trip Forman explains: “We didn’t run the contest today based on the following: We only have 4 permitted days in the National Park to complete the event. We’ve already used 2 days and have 2 days left to use by Friday. When it was time to make the status call early this morning, we were looking at pouring rain, no wind present at the permitted locations and the lightest wind forecast of the week. We made the call for “Lay Day” based on this info. The breeze filled in throughout the Tri-Village area (Rodanthe, Waves, Salvo) but never more than marginally into the areas southward where the contest is permitted to run.”