It’s official, F-One is stoked to announce their new range and they’re got a lot to offer! See it all in action in their latest video, the Endless Playground, then keep on scrolling to check out their kite and board options.


This is a special year for F-One! 2017 marks 10 years of development for the Bandit with high levels of requirements! This year, the entire team along with Robert Graham, their designer, Micka Fernandez and Raphael Salles, the experienced developers and testers, have worked hard to propose an even more complete 2017 kite: 200 test days on the water, 70 prototypes and 6,000 km of navigation.

A kite model that remains a best seller for so long is such a rare feat. It’s the result of such long and hard work that respects a very exacting design brief with a very wide array of performance and flying abilities. The complete set of tests and checks that F-One performs on every single prototype of each collection is truly uncompromising, therefore pushing the kites to their maximum.

Year after year, F-One improves some points while maintaining the qualities previously acquired. With a new squarer outline, less lateral pull for a new level of comfort and a smooth, homogeneous but powerful traction, the Bandit respects its design brief. Speed and acceleration are under control while the Bandit keeps an efficient and reassuring stability. Light and maneuverable, hang time has also been improved for more facility.

F-One has also used all of the know-how of their design department to offer a kite designed specifically for foiling and light wind riding: the Breeze offers incredible performances in the light wind for this one strut kite available in 11sqm, 13sqm and 15sqm.

Alex Caizergues asked F-One for some custom kites to beat records but after 2 years of development they realized that this kite is ideal for long-distance, speed riding and hang-time sessions, so they decided to propose it to all passionate researching new sensations. F-One is stoked to present the Furtive.


Already in their 4th edition of the Pro Model Mitu Montiero 2017, the high performance boards, designed especially for strapless riding became a reference on the market in just a few years back. This year, the range receives two new models: the ultra-light carbon version and the essential version! The level of strapless riding has increased so much for both the professionals and also for the average rider. When riding strapless, any weight loss translates into a direct advantage for the wind to keep the board pressed against your feet!

From the very first prototypes, the feedback on the carbon built Mitu was excellent! F-One has focused their development work on the technology and materials to optimize both weight and comfort. For the ESL version, they have elected to use our original Bamboo Sandwich Construction, which was an F-ONE innovation and a tremendous success. ESL stands for essential as this is all they have kept for this original technology for this board without pads for the riders who prefer a direct contact with the board and use some wax. This board also shares the latest shape and design of the Mitu range. The Mitu board is also available in convertible version for the foil and surf practices.

All tastes will be satisfied because the Signature model has not been forgotten! Compact, stable and responsive, the Signature boards are made for surfing in any kind of waves or conditions, benefiting from their well balanced and really intuitive shape. These boards are able to carve short turns as well as long and fast curves effortlessly. This year F-One is introducing an ultra lightweight carbon version for even more fun.

For freestylers and freeriders nothing better than a complete high performance Twin-Tips range! The Trax is available in carbon, lite tech (new extra size of 140 x 45 LW) and girl, like the Acid, which is also available in the Next Geneartion model.

The wakestyle enthusiasts will be more than happy with the 2017 Spicy that still offers an explosive pop!

And finally, the Next and Next Light wind are also perfect weapons for freeride with a great upwind and an early planning.


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