Sizes Available: 15, 18m
Sizes Tested: 15m

North Says:

We launched the Juice last year and got more kiters out in less wind than we have ever done before. It’s a freeride machine aimed at the rider who doesn’t want to go to the beach and be disappointed. The kite features a 3-strut lightweight design that delivers impressive low-end power whilst retaining a dynamic bar feeling and responsive handling.

It’s a great kite for trying airstyle tricks in light winds and delivers enough power to get small boards working so you don’t have to ride a door! For 2016 there have been some tweaks to the canopy profiles on the 15 m2 to make it faster and help it to climb back up to the top of the window during down loops.

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TKB Says:

The Juice is North Kiteboarding’s light wind freeride option that delivers impressive range in a 3-strut higher aspect frame with a tight and responsive pivot style turn. The Juice in the 15m size feels incredibly nimble with a sweet combo between turning response and low-end power. Immediately we identified the Juice as a great foilboard option because the canopy feels incredibly efficient and super smooth and with good depower. The Juice’s profile offers excellent relaunch and it’s steering response feels fairly crisp for a 15m. While the Juice doesn’t offer extreme low-end grunt at this size, it moves and steers fast enough to keep it placed in the power zone and stands out in all but the lightest of conditions. (Give Buster the Juice!)


The Juice comes with the Quad Control Trust Bar which is a dual adjustable length bar (42/49cm and 46/53cm) that comes with four line length options: 19m and 22m lines on the 42/49cm bar and 24m and 27m lines on the 46/53cm bar. This bar features a single center-line safety depower, spectra sheeting/throw line with a sliding stopper, high V, above the bar cam cleat that can be adjusted to accommodate longer throw length without disturbing the kite’s tuning, as well as a Velcro tuning handle which keeps tuning slack out of the way when in under depowered conditions. The push away quick release features a plastic molded loop and finger lock, as well as a below the bar hand swivel which doubles as a quick release travel guard. The integrated floats and bar ends are padded and provide sufficient space for easy winding and allow riders to adjust the length of the outside lines for stretch or tuning. The Quad Control bar is a favorite of Tkb staff and earned high praise for its slick combination of comfort and functional performance oriented features in a lightweight and durable design design.
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