Sizes Available: 4.5, 6.5, 9, 12, 15.5, 17.5m
Sizes Tested: 17.5m

Liquid Force Says:

The SOLO evolved through multiple iterations from half struts to battens that eventually led to a very thin, low profile center strut. Our dream that became a vision is now a reality called the SOLO, An ultra-lightweight, single strut design that offers unparalleled efficiency, stability and wind range of any kite on the market today with the added benefit of pack ability for travel. We are excited to introduce the SOLO, an all-terrain kite that can be summed up in three words: simple, powerful, fun.

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TKB Says:

This was the stand out kite last year with tons of grunt and mind blowing relaunch in the lightest of wind. The Solo this time around features medium bar pressure with the turning speed you would expect from a 17.5m kite, but once it gets some apparent wind going, the Solo pulls. Single struts are great because they pack up tight, travel well and minimize canopy weight in the sky, but what Liquid Force has done particularly well is keep the crisp turning response that you might find in a kite with three struts. We saved the Solo for the end of the day when the wind was fading and we weren’t disappointed. The wind was dying and we were the only people on the water, but with for the Solo’s low aspect appearance it still offers the depower you want when the wind ratchets up, and when it rachets down this kite has the impressive relaunch you need to keep the session going.


The Solo V2 came with the Response control bar which features LF’s unique rotating dual adjustable length bar (42/49cm and 46/53cm), spectra sheeting/throw line, sliding stopper, and a single center-line safety depower with a low V, and above the bar depower cam cleat with Velcro to keep the depower control toggle from tangling. The Response comes with a new quick release design that features a non-swiveling push away quick release with an integrated quick release travel guard, and stiff but narrow molded donkey dick. The center lines end in a knot and the outside lines end in loops and the length of sheeting/throw can be adjusted at the cleat for varying arm lengths of kiters or the type of riding. The molded floats are integrated into the bar ends with the tips of the bar being soft and the outside leader lines allowing riders to adjust the length of the outside lines for stretch or tuning. We liked the ergonomic bulge in the side of the bar’s grip which fits in the palm of your hand and the finger bumps on the top of the grip which provide for a cushy but textured grip.

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