CARVED Predator
Sizes Available: 161 x 50cm
Sizes Tested: 161 x 50cm

Carved Says:

CARVED has never made such a big board – 161×50 centimeter – those are the astonishing dimensions of the Predator. Its abilities are equally big. This lightweight, light wind sensation will set new standards in light wind riding. Like all CARVED boards, it is handcrafted on the German island of Fehmarn and offers the famous ride characteristics such as defined flex, at the right places, for powerful jumps.

The biggest CARVED board of all time is also made to the highest standards. With a board of this size, the weight is especially important, and the Predator is defined by our motto, “No ounce of fat.” Our unique unibody composite construction makes the board incredibly light and robust. As with all CARVED Boards, the Predator is constructed from one piece. We set a complete board consisting of high density and extremely durable fiberglass – this is in contrast to the snowboard construction method which presses the board in different non-homogenous layers.

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Tkb Says:

Let’s face it. Light wind is a five-letter word and not everyone wants to jump on the floating Pogo stick (foilboard) fad, so if that’s the case, then we have the machine for you. The Predator with its long length, generous girth and asymmetrical fin placement is a dedicated light wind tool. The combo of its low rocker and huge outline make water starting a breeze, even when there’s little to be found. Put the Predator on rail and it delivers in the upwind department like no other. Before we forget, the carbon construction makes it extremely easy on the biceps with a featherweight feel for its size. With the right amount of back foot pressure the carpet-like ride locks in 161 inches of rail and in the lightest of wind it will take you and your kite into the wind, and at a mind bending angles that may be arguably the best a man (or woman) could get on a twin tip board.

When a product does one thing so incredibly well, there’s got to be a rub. The Predator was not designed to carve tight turns or deliver precise load and pop, and while we’re not saying these things are impossible, it’s just not optimal for these activities. Yet, we don’t care because in 9 knots with a 19m kite we are thankful to be gliding upwind. The Predator comes with nice contoured footpad, two stance width options and three duck stance settings and comfortable straps. Once we dialed in the right amount of back foot pressure to lock in the rail and keep the Predator’s nose cutting through the water we knew we had one of the lightest and highest pointing dedicated light wind twin tips on the market.

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