Sizes Available: 145, 155, 165
Sizes Tested: 165 x 48

Cabrinha Says:

The Stylus will save the day when wind speeds are just barley strong enough to fly your kite. The flat rocker line and extra wide outline make the most of the conditions getting you up on a plane with the least amount of power possible. Its dynamic single concave bottom shape with rail flats is the ultimate in low drag design delivering the best light wind performance. Smaller fins minimize drag and enhance the fun you’ll have on this board.

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Tkb Says:

The Stylus goes upwind well using a very successful combination of width and length to get you the volume you need in light wind situations. The smaller fins deliver a surprisingly agile and maneuverable ride while also getting job number one done: Getting you upwind in the lightest of winds. Despite its length and width, the Stylus can still be carved and can even feel a hair skatey when not locked into an upwind rail, but would also be well placed in a kiteboarding school’s fleet of ‘learn to ride’ boards. The Stylus has an easy-to-use feel with the rocker and volume working harmoniously to help people get going with their first rides. The H1 pads are comfortable with a nice light texture and toe grips. It is a great board for a beginner rider to start out with the dual advantages of helping the newcomer overcome the challenges of their first solo sessions and then staying on in the quiver as the go-to light wind weapon.

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