CABRINHA Double Agent
Sizes Available: 5’2” x 19.7
Sizes Tested: 5’2” x 19.7

Cabrinha Says:

The Double Agent is a performance hydrofoil board with the ability to convert into a fun surf skate directional by simply taking off the foil shaft and wings and attaching the included surf fins. When configured with our foil system it will have you flying in well under 10 knots. When configured with the four surf fins it doubles as a fun bump and jump style directional board.

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Tkb Says:

The Double Agent is our kind of foil with its lower aspect freeride style wings, but if we’re being honest, this slick little floating pogo stick suckered us into having so much fun that we ended our session in double trouble (in our opinion that’s the way most good foilboarding session ought to end).

The Double Agent has solid and simple board construction which delivers extreme durability (highly recommended if you’re new to the awkward shaped appendages of foilboarding and the even more awkward act of transporting said foil). Its aluminum mast feels solid and the wings are going to stand up to a fair amount of abuse, all of which make this board an excellent value. The surf crossover (unbolt the foil and leave it on the beach) makes it a surefire choice if you want to be prepared for everything, particularly if you want to travel light and reap the most from every session.

In terms of performance, the Double Agent foils up at a slower speed (a plus for learning) and its lower aspect foil allows you to maintain the board at a slower, more reasonable speed to feel/surf the energy of swell. A lot of people don’t get this. Sure fast is fun, but slow is surfy and a much deeper dimension of fun. The Double Agent offers a good balance between stability on all axis (yaw, pitch, roll) but still feels lively for those that are looking to expand their minds to freeride carving and surf potential. Weight wise, it’s got some extra ounces due to the durable construction but you won’t notice this once you get it in the water.

In the end, it was the surf potential of the Double Agent which is what ultimately got us into trouble — dropping in on a head-high wave in a measly 8 knots of side-on wind. We didn’t pull out of that one, but it became very clear the Double Agent is a great foil from learning to advanced freeride, and will keep you coming back for more.

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