AXIS Ultra
Sizes Available: 144, 148cm
Sizes Tested: 148

AXIS Says:

The 2016 AXIS ULTRA has the same shape as the 2016 Patrol but is lighter and more responsive thanks to biaxial carbon construction. We don’t use carbon to build the lightest or stiffest board on the market, we are trying to build the nicest board to ride. The layers of 45 degree biaxial carbon flexes more naturally than typical 90 degree carbon cloth, allowing progressive flex and controlling torsion. The AXIS ULTRA is designed specifically for light wind conditions and comes in two sizes for riders of varying weight. The shallow rocker, square outline and simple concave bottom shape make for a very efficient board to get you out on the water while the others are wondering whether to bother.

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Tkb Says:

At first glance, the Ultra looks like the same board as the Patrol, but under the hood the construction is very different with AXIS’ proprietary carbon construction, which does two noticeable things: cuts down the weight and offers a different flex pattern. The Ultra’s flex is a little stiffer, and on the performance side, this helps this board track just a hair bit more, and for those that are more aggressive on the load and pop, he or she may see a difference in busting airs. The shedded weight feels good under your feet and in your hands when carrying this puppy along with your 19m light wind monster to the beach. When it comes to jumping, the lighter weight feels particularly good and helps you forget that you’re on a light wind board. This board straddles a fine line: Despite it’s larger size, you can still effectively load and pop, while getting you on the water in lighter conditions. The pad/footbed is the same as those offered on the other AXIS boards with a firm but comfy rubbery textured grip under foot, and comes with the traction + straps that feature quad Velcro adjustment for a comfy all encompassing feel. The Ultra delivers the best of both worlds for the light wind freestylers out there, a win-win in our book.

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