AXIS Patrol
Sizes Available: 144, 148cm
Sizes Tested: 148

AXIS Says:

The Patrol is designed specifically for light wind conditions and comes in two sizes for riders of varying weight. The Patrol has a flatter shape and less complicated bottom concave creating a faster board with less drag. Don’t buy a bigger kite before you have tried this light wind specific board. Incredibly maneuverable, the Patrol has an increased surface area giving the rider quicker planing, more power from the kite and makes freestyle riding possible even in light winds. These characteristics also make the board popular on the twin tip race circuit.

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Tkb Says:

The first word that came to mind when testing this board was Cadillac; it’s floaty and easy to edge with a user-friendly point-and-go feel. As for tracking, the Patrol strikes a nice balance between edging upwind yet the rocker/template/fin combo leaves you a little bit of a skaty feel to keep it fun and playful for a light wind board. The smaller fins makes the Patrol feel fairly swift and agile through the water. Compared to the Ultra, the carbon version of this board, the Patrol is a little bit heavier, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re ‘stuck’ on an entry level board. Instead, we’d say that the owner of one of these just got good bang for the buck with light wind performance wrapped in an agile, fun and easy to use package.The pad/footbed is the same as those offered on the other AXIS boards with a firm but comfy rubbery textured grip under foot, and comes with the traction + straps that feature quad Velcro adjustment for a comfy all encompassing feel.

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