AIRUSH Slayer V3
Sizes Available: 5’2″ x 155, 5’6″ x 165cm
Sizes Tested: 5’6″

Airush Says:

We took a fresh approach to the Slayer V3 and focused on increased maneuverability, carving and aerial throw around factor. The deep quad concave channels water effectively lifting the Slayer quickly onto the plane and offers incredible agility for the more progressive strapless freestyle rider. The wingers create a narrower tail allowing for more control at speed and enable the rider to load and pop more aggressively when jumping. The semi-symmetrical outline creates more stability when nose riding or landing fin first. The overall result is a board that takes flat-water or small wave strapless riding to a whole new level.

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Tkb Says:

The Slayer is one of the most versatile boards in our test. This board comes with inserts for parallel or ducked front foot stance and two duck settings in the back. With rail channels on the bottom and fairly large FCS fins, it’s got plenty of grip. The wide egg cutoff-shaped template with step rails in the tail essentially gives you two boards in one. Move your foot pressure forward and weight the rail and you will find the Slayer goes upwind like a traditional high width light wind kiteboard. If you want to line up with a wave you can shift your weight back on the narrower tail, and the board pivots and turns really well for fun hacks on small to medium-sized waves. The Slayer has a pad down the middle of the board and the rest of the deck has non-skid which makes it really great for strapless transitions. If you land on the nose or ride fakie you have tons of grip wherever you put your foot. When riding the board upwind you can feel the fin because on one hand it helps you track, and although you might feel a little drag from the larger size fin, when it comes to turning on a wave, the board can be easy to control and tons of fun.

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