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Sizes Available: 5’6”, 5’10”
Sizes Tested: 5’10”

F-One Says:

Our FISH boards are high performance surf boards designed for light wind use. They’re so good that they are able to generate apparent wind thanks to their sheer speed. Featuring straight rocker lines, they can get on plane very early while their rounded and compact outline offer them really good maneuverability in the surf. It is this successful shape combination that has made our FISH boards so popular for the past 4 years.

Visit for more info: www.bayareakitesurf.com/products/?item=32075/2016FishSeries


Tkb Says:

A good light wind board not only gets you up and planing in marginal conditions, but also offers some other added dimension of fun. The F-One Fish adds that extra dimension with a nice surfy feel in small to medium size waves and bonuses out as a fairly user-friendly option for strapless tricks. When it comes to the overall feel for performance surfing, the template of this board may feel a hair bit wide, but this is also what helps the board go upwind in extremely light conditions. The fins that come with the board give it a fairly good bite as you’re tracking upwind and the rocker feels fairly flat underfoot, which happens to be a really welcomed feature when you’re trying to get back up to the top of the point to get the next wave. When you shift your weight onto the tail, you’ll feel the stepped rail go to work as the wider template becomes maneuverable and snappy. The deck pad feels really good, offering the perfect combination of plush impact dampening foam that also feels very direct when your inputs sink directly into the board for a solid and controlled feel. The Fish is a great option for the kiter that wants to surf, but at the same time needs some extra volume in light wind conditions to get back to the next wave at the top of the reef.