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CORE Fusion 2 LW
Sizes Available: 147 x 44, 152 x 46cm
Sizes Tested: 152 x 46cm

Carved Says:

The new Fusion 2 LW edition is the Swiss Army® knife of light wind kiteboards. Wind conditions don’t matter when you‘re riding the Fusion 2 LW, the ultimate all style twin tip. You will find each board in the LW range has its own unique personality. The smaller LW is known for its cat-like agility and the larger LW for its mad swagger. Rest assured, our innovative boards will perform beyond your expectations and just maybe, take you to nirvana with technology that incorporates a decade’s worth of board building expertise from Europe’s leading custom board manufacturer, Carved.de. Trust CORE to engineer pure, light wind excitement.

Visit for more info: https://corekites.com/us/boards/fusion2-lw


Tkb Says:

When it comes to light wind planing you can either go long or you can go wide. The Fusion 2 LW goes the wide route to get you the optimal planing area to get you upwind in the lightest of air while delivering a template that is easy to control and fairly user-friendly in a range of conditions. The flex pattern is stiff enough to deliver your input to the rail, but also soft enough to make the ride easy on your knees. The rocker line gives you a smooth ride but is also flat enough to get you upwind when you don’t have access to a ton of power. It is possible to jump this board, but it definitely falls within the province of a dedicated light wind weapon, so don’t expect to get too aggressive on your freestyle game. As you would expect from a German company, there’s plenty of attention to the details, like the footpad/strap combo which combines plushness with grippy footbeds and comfort with control. We found the easily adjusted dual strap Velcro tensioners helped us dial in the perfect feel. If you are looking for a more agile light wind twin tip that’s a bit easier to control yet delivers the easy planing and upwind performance light wind riding demand, then take a serious look at the Fusion 2 LW.